A woman’s work, as stated in the Bible, is to care for her husband, children and home and keep it in order. Women are encouraged to stay at home, be busy with caring of their family and be subject to their husbands and teach and train their children God’s ways. In Proverb 31 a woman is praised for her work of making and trading linen garments and sashes to merchants and her earnings were used to buy a field to plant a vineyard. She provides for her family and clothes them while her husband sits at council among the elders of the land. She was a stay-at-home businesswoman.  She managed her household and business at the same time. Her husband, children and home were her priority and her means of providing for her family was secondary.

Things started to change as time goes by. It was an accepted norm that a woman in her early 20s was married off to start a family and making a home. In the 20th century, feminist movement started in China, followed by the western countries like United States, Canada, and western Europe and became popular in the 1960s (Wikipedia, Feminist Movement). Since then women have played big roles in political, religious and social fields and have increased their participation in the movement and entry into the workplace. Women have become career-oriented and competitive with men.

Women have proven their prowess in varied fields and can handle both home care and work outside the home. As long as they can balance both home life and work life, they should not be hindered from realizing their ambition. Women should not be condemned if they chose to work outside the home. They should be helped in making them meet their dual roles, as career women and homemakers.  There are support programs that companies extend to working mothers as part of work-life balance.

It is important for the husband and wife to consider their priorities first and discuss lengthily the desire of the wife to work. If it happens that the family and home are neglected as a result of the employment, then the woman must sacrifice her ambition to keep her family. Presently, we now have stay-at-home moms working online jobs. They do not leave their homes and can balance their work schedule at home.

As a woman, she is always dependable in providing a loving and home environment, in caring and nurturing her family, always taking care of her husband’s and children’s welfare first before her own. She will always be self-sacrificing when it comes to choosing between family and work. She will always be a wife, mother and steward of her home.  However, her desire to find meaning in work other than home care must always be respected. She must be supported in pursuing her passion in writing, art or anything she is skilled at for her personal development and self-fulfillment.  After all, she is a woman who has dreams, needs, desires, passion and ambition.

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