We can get very philosophical with this one, and let us set the atmosphere into something very open, free, and artistic. Let this piece be a blank canvas where we can convey our thoughts into it as if all of it is just a white space and that the universe of this text is still to begin.
For one, we live; we strive; we push; we survive. We grow to fulfill our dreams and create our stories. Our life is our greatest piece ever; it is our biggest work of art. So, why do you think do we make art? If art is not the purpose of living life, then what is? It is just a thought, but we do live in pursuit of our purpose. We struggle with our daily demons and tasks. But is this the reason? Is just mere surviving just the reason for living? No, there must be more. It must be something more than just living.
Art is creating; it is enjoying the process of living and making the most out of life and every little thing. We are here not just to work our way to death. We are here to live and fulfill a life of creation and continuation. Art is not just about the scribbles, wet paint brushes, flower arrangements, origami, and Papier Mâché.
If you really try to see and look at everything in detail, you will see that everything is art.
So why do we make art? Things that follow, the fame, the wealth, the connections, are just beautiful consequences. Other artists or people may think of it the other way around, but this is really why we do art, and at the same time, this is how one can enjoy art; how one can enjoy life. We just want to live life. We put so much value into art; some works of art are even valued more than people, which may sound distasteful but is true as of time. We make art to live, and lift up ourselves as artists into pedestals in hopes that it would lengthen our stay in the memories of those who will continue to live. We hope to be immortal, but the closest thing that we could have now is just to become immortal in memory and avoid early oblivion.
Art is the struggle of life. It is our story. It is a cooperative documentary of us. So, why do we do art again? Is it still a valid query of confusion? Or is it now a valued philosophical question as “Why do we live?” Because art is more than just what it is defined as. Art continues to become the umbrella of life and everything. It is in nature, and by far, if the creator did create all, then it was with art. It was with beauty.
Art can be in everything that we do. We do art either way, even if we do not acknowledge doing art. There may even be art to being skeptical in art, as long as there is life, art will stay. Art starts to occupy everything and it gets too difficult to define, but knowing the reason why we do art is less of an effort than really tinkering with the ginormous scope of art. It does become redundant, the reason why we do art. I mean, it could actually be more than just one thing, but still is just one thing all in all.
Art and life are too correlated that each becomes a reason for the other.
Of course, if we all go a bit shallower and thread through art as if it were just the sketches, the folding of paper, the brushing of paint on canvas, the mixing of water and glue, or a combination of all these and more, then we go into the thoughts of we do art because here, we can express ourselves, our souls, in a very open manner.
Art even in the smallest of its definition is still a very beautiful hall to walk and thread into. It is that very human, yet universal, feeling that we experience get when we do art. That sense of connection into that moment of creation. And even just that is beautiful enough for a reason on why we do art.
What is your reason for doing “art”? You’ll realize that it is your life.

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