The definition of accomplishment differs depending on one’s standpoint. For some, it could be the medallions bagged in a competition. For others, it could be a diploma or a Master’s degree. Or maybe marrying the woman or man of our dreams. In our bucket list, the definitions of accomplishment are endless. However, on our shortlist, we discover that most of us have the same perspective when it comes to defining real accomplishment.

Human beings are known to be the most intelligent animals. We are capable of anything and everything. We know how to weigh options and analyze each of its pros and cons. We know what to decide what is for the better. We have the ability and skills to conquer anything and everything. We can bear all the rocks thrown at us. We know how to stand back up after we stumble and fall. We are known to be hunters of great possibilities. Accomplishing good things are what we do best. We always search and dream for more. We are ambitious because we always want the best of things. We believe that we can achieve everything we desire. We create a list of goals to achieve them one by one, in baby steps.

Our life. Life itself is an accomplishment so we need to celebrate it. We encounter trials and problems in life. Our life is like a Ferris wheel. Half the time, we are at the top, breathing fresh air. The other half, we are at the bottom. But we always know that as long as we never give up, as long as the Ferris wheel is spinning round and round, we know we could always go back up. That is what matters the most. Life is a tough journey to travel. It is like a crossword puzzle that has blanks to fill in. Life is like a game; we are the players and the only rule is to win that game. Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of choc’lit; you’ll never know what you’re gonna get”. He is right. You’ll never know what’s in store for you so living your life the way you want it is such an accomplishment for a human being. A perfect life is only seen in movies and read in books. A perfect life is just an illusion. Real life is having difficulties and committing mistakes. We should not be wasting our time and effort in creating a perfect life because there is none. We should instead make it memorable, worthwhile and fulfilling. We should be proud of every little achievement that we earn everyday.

Our family. They are our living definition of accomplishment. Not everyone has a family to go home to. Not everyone is lucky enough to feel the warmth of hugs of family members. That comforting feeling of tightness in their embrace. Not everyone has a family to share memories, take photos and share meals with. To have a family we call our own is like having a home within a home. Love them unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Always keeps in touch with them. Do not waste the opportunities in saying I love you.

Good health. To stay healthy despite this toxic environment and toxic people is one accomplishment worth mentioning. Waking up to a new day is a privilege not everybody is lucky to have. Not everybody has the chance to gobble on food they want nor do the things they wish they could.

You as a person is the greatest accomplishment. Just living your life to the fullest and making every minute count is the best thing that you can ever do. You are supreme and you, as a person is the highest form of living thing. Being the real you and showing the world that you are a good person is enough. Being happy and content is an accomplishment. It means that you love yourself and your life. It means that even though you have problems and you make mistakes, you still can find time in doing things that you love. Despite failures you commit, you know you still have a lot of chances to take. You prove to yourself and others that you are more than the challenges and your fears. You are still able to make things right. You have a purpose. You are the purpose. You should live your life without regrets.

By doing and having all these simple but essential things in life, the longlist and shortlist both fall inside the bucket.

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