When you see a beautiful painting on the wall, what do you usually think about? What do you usually feel about? Does it make you experience calmness, sympathy or satisfaction? Does it bring back memories? Does it put you in another place, to that world inside the painting? When you find yourself answering yes in all of these questions, what sort of person could you have been? Whatever the difference is for every person, there is one thing that’s certain about you. You are a person who has transcended from the ordinary realms of this world, who have escaped from whatever sort of suffering, insanity, and evil that bounded the physical world for you have understood better, appreciate better, and knows better the true meaning, and face, of life.

You are a person who has the potential to move the world!

What differentiates a man so much from other creations is that he has the ability to ponder about all things which his mind can afford to think about. A man has the ability to depart from what his instincts, or urges, tell him. He does not live only to survive. He lives to make himself. He lives to find the purpose of doing so. And this is why the man has the power to create his own destiny. This truth is established in Arts which perfectly portrays all the aspects of how a man views and thinks of everything around him and how he can consequently act in response to every one of them.

Arts elicit common responses to certain pieces. From the beauty of nature, many have come to ponder how nice, and necessary, to keep it from destruction because of human greed. From the beauty of human relationships – between lovers, between families, between friends, between strangers helping one another – many have realized that people are not utterly all that bad and that because of the immeasurable joy that happy relationships bring that makes every failed one worth another try. And from the heartbreaking suffering that the children got from hunger, terror that civilians got from war, inhuman abuses that slaves got from their bosses (the binds of freedom that everybody abhors), no sense of identity that the inferior got from power-tripping and bullying, all these make many people arise with a feeling of sympathy and affection that awaken them with what is humane to do and prompt them to encourage or observe others from doing so.

Arts become the tool of expression and the very manifestation of freedom which has been avowed to men since the beginning of creation. Arts defied the boundaries set by language and broke differences innate to humans. Arts unified the hearts of every individual into a common goal and affection for a problem that is illustrated, a beauty behold and the actions done that cannot be blamed for naivety and unawareness of this world’s playful favors.

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