When someone does, very easily, something which is difficult to do, that is talent.  A lot of people say one is simply born with it.  Others believe talent is nothing without hard work and dedication.  Whatever the case may be, we all have one thing in common: we admire gifted people.

We wish we could glide as gracefully or move as effortlessly as we do in our daydreams while we struggle on the dance floor with our two left feet.  We can hardly carry a tune but we scream our lungs out in song, hoping a bawl or two has hit the right note.  Oftentimes, we even throw imaginary 3-point-shots in the air, hearing the non-existent audience cheer our name as the ball inevitably falls right into the basket.  Oh, how we wish we could be exceptionally skilled at something!

So, what am I good at?  This is a question we ask ourselves whenever we see an individual excel at a particular thing, especially one we wish we could outshine everyone in.  If like most people, we find ourselves at a loss as to what God has endowed upon us, there are many ways to find out.  The most obvious one is to try things we are most interested in, whether it is a hobby, a board game, a sport, or a school subject.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Figuring out what comes naturally to us is being aware of things that we find easy to do.

Unsurprisingly, when we are passionate about something, it is difficult to pry us away from it.  So, whatever we have to drag ourselves from, our talent lies there.  We must, then, follow our heart to go ahead and be obsessed with it in order to develop this skill.  We can also consider asking people closest to us what they are tired of hearing us talk about.  This is also a sign of our insatiable appetite for it.

Another way is the opposite of the first one.  We must experiment by trying not only what comes easily to us, but also what we find difficult.  What are we most insecure about?  Are there any phobias we are not aware of?

If we don’t try new things, we will never know ourselves well.  Although it is good to stand back and observe, taking an active role in determining what makes us tick is the faster route.  Instead of just waiting for talents to surface, let us speed things up by persistently attempting activities that are hard for us to do.  Eventually, we will discover our strong and weak points.

Simply put, whatever we do and wherever we are, there is always someone who excels more than us.  In the same way, we are also better at some things compared to others.  Some individuals sing better; others run faster, paint more beautifully, earn more money, seem smarter – the list is endless.

Despite the competitive nature of some people, it is important to note that each of us is unique.  The trick is to find what we are most happy doing and doing it with all our heart.

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