Unique – this is what each of us is. Despite some similarities, all human beings can take comfort in the fact that we are all dissimilar in some ways. We cannot be treated like robots or clones. If we have the same preference in clothes as the next person, then we differ in something else, like food choice, for instance. Our taste is something we have gathered over the years and it is inspired by everything we have gone through in life – things we have witnessed, places we have visited, how we were raised at home and treated by acquaintances, and how we view ourselves.

Without being fully aware of it, we are already stamping our mark into our daily activities. What makes us happy is evident in our choices. We might remember our best friend remarking about how we always wear a particular shirt repeatedly. As soon as it gets back from the laundry, we put it on immediately. That shirt represents our wardrobe style. If we observe more carefully, we might have more blues than yellows in our closet, or more plaids than plains. But then again, it could be the material, or the length, or the collar. When we go shopping, we subconsciously pick the same outfit over and over because this is our style. It is what catches our eye and what causes excitement.

Our individual preference does not end with wardrobe options. In fact, that is only a small fraction of our personal taste. Our haircut, color choices, music genres, favorite author, best film – all of these say something about us. Our wardrobe is just the easiest tell-tale sign because we flaunt it everyday for everyone to see. Although we sometimes yearn for acceptance more than we acknowledge our uniqueness, it will still emerge no matter how much we hide it. Some people follow new fashion styles each season, watching carefully what models showcase on the catwalk or subscribing to magazines describing new fads in great detail. They are afraid to commit a fashion faux pax and always want to unite with the celebrity crowd. Despite wanting to join the bandwagon, there are still some new trends they don’t opt to imitate. These don’t make them happy, supposedly; so, in a sense, they are still listening to their heart and following their own style.

It all boils down to self-awareness. Once we discover our own taste, we can be guided by a more thorough research on experts’ opinions, and then combine our style with their advice. Although we are always changing (as humans always are), as long as we are emboldened by our confidence that there is no such thing as a wrong color or material, and once we have chosen our own distinctive style and discarded others after a thoughtful but rewarding process, what’s left is the anticipation of exposing our true self to everyone and acknowledging the whole world as our catwalk.

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