Man is a unique being, made to become co-creator and steward of God’s creations and gifts. If we, as human beings, are to fathom how we are made, what are we to a Creator?  We are, indeed, the work of a Great Artist, for from Him came this inspiration to create an image and likeness of Him.

Innately we become like our Maker and Artist. This is a gift we have since He knitted us in our mothers’ wombs. We saw in a scientific presentation how the creation of human beings evolved, and how we are amazed and baffled as to its mystery. We were made out of love, which is the greatest expression of Our Maker to His work. Instinctively we are also born to become an artist in our own capacities. We have an artist inside of us.

Each one of us has the ability to draw out the artist in us. It is a matter of using it for a purpose of good and not for evil. We are gifted with the knowledge and wisdom to know how we are to use our talents and abilities for the good of ourselves and others. We are always inspired by the love infused in us at creation.

Actually, even children are assessed for their artistic abilities in Arts and Crafts in school. That early they know what will shape their future vocation. The spark has been ignited. It is a matter of time and recognition of what they want to become in the future.

Whatever is our inspiration, passion or motivation, we have the capacity to realize it. The artist inside of us just needs to be drawn out and put to good use. An artist is borne out of what is inspired by his heart. An artist is just not limited to design, paint, draw or sculpt. There are other areas of occupation that use imagination, talent, and craft, such as but not limited to novelists, composers, filmmakers, and others. However, a true artist is one that is best gauged in what he creates, paints, designs, sculpts or draws.

The painting, for example, springs from an inspiration which is put into expression in a canvass. It is a communication of how the painter feels and thinks. He expresses his soul’s longings and desires in art, as the artist cannot contain them anymore within him. It is an inner desire to break forth and commune with the real source of beauty and wonder. It is an expression of affinity and accolade to a Great Artist whom the artist imitates in creating beauty and mastery of his God-given talents.

It is a mystifying experience for an artist to have created a great work of art. It infuses a sense of power, joy, and fulfilment in his work. It also fosters that same experience with the one who discovers beauty in art. If you feel you are fired with this inspiration, the artist inside of you is waiting to be discovered.


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