It has been repeated over and over again that challenges are medium of improving our present capabilities and character. When we are challenged, we are forced to stretch ourselves into a state that we did not know we are capable of. Challenges are actually our stones into making ourselves better and find more worth for our entire being. But do we ever identify a challenge when it comes to us? When we thought of problems, we only see how it cripples our well-off plan. It never takes into the identity of a challenge. What we do when we face problems is that we prefer to end them as soon as possible and as less damage as possible. However, taking shortcuts to solve problems will never build our character and will never instill in us worthwhile experiences that would teach us with effective techniques and strategies that we could use for stronger, fiercer storms to come. When we take down problems as fast as we could, more and more problems come to us as fast as they could. And we build up stress for fighting against them endlessly, no break, no time-out.

Stress, if handled properly can actually help us. It is a red alert that the body has designed in order to tell us that we need to go for repair and maintenance. It is telling us that we need to get rest. We need to refuel ourselves with the comfort of the ones we love. We need to replenish broken relationships. We need a more suitable environment to keep up with the healthy pace of our body. Stress is telling us that in our capability alone, we cannot do all things. We need help. We need time. We need guidance and consideration. Stress is telling us that we need to live. Stress is telling us that we have been missing to see the beauty of the world. Stress is telling us that we have been left behind as humans and we are slowly becoming machines which are programmed to function. Stress is redirecting us to some sort of creativity and liveliness. Stress is telling us that we need a change. If you listen to it, you can find yourself in a better, happier and more promising situation. Stress is a secret encourager and assessor of our courage to take the risk and is a measure our very character. Stress can actually bring out the best in us – to go on, to take a break, to change altogether.

It is good to have stress once in a while. However, having it all the time is lethally dangerous. As it is said, “too much of everything is dangerous.” Stress is a leading cause why most people get sick. They did not have enough resistance to fight off diseases. Unconsciously, when a person is stressed out, he is secretly wishing for some sort of illness to plague over him. He is not aware that his body is in need of some maintenance. And so, it is crying out to stop operating for a while, or worse forever. Ever wondered how laughter is the best medicine? It is all because the state of tiredness, depression, boredom and loss of meaning, which are all caused by stress, are driven away and so makes the body light and positive.

How can you make stress your ally and not your enemy? Simply be aware of it. When you feel it, it’s time to take actions. Take rest. Do not worsen it with some medication to keep your body going despite the wrecked state of mind. Look for your family and value them. Your body will release cells of sweet passion to care for them instead of your body releasing poisonous cells to warn you again and again of your necessity to take rest. Find meaning in life. Look for it intently and you will find things worth the highest appreciation. Your affection for the beauty of life, including you who are a vital part of it, will give you the most efficient drive to finish your tasks on time and in sufficient amount.

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