The way to become a Master Artist is rough and long. The will of making a name – simply translated as standing out and being beautifully different – is an even more pressure in the world of competitions. However, no person could ever stand and stay on the path if he or she does not have the right motivation to finish the journey. And may this motivation be no other than to compete with oneself and pursue to make oneself better than the past achievements, and never to bring the talents and efforts of others down who are walking in the same journey. Let the concept of win or lose be applicable to the competition one has with himself or herself and not imposed on the folly of mocking others for their failures and envying others for their success. After all, when one reaps the price of his or her endurance, whether one fails or one succeeds, no one can ever take that moment from him or her. If it is a failure, then, there is no other way to go next time but to succeed, and the motivation becomes greater.

How can one stay motivated and positive? Here are the following tips and suggestions for facing your own competition:

1. Take one step at a time
It is true that the biggest challenges are almost impossible to defeat especially those which cover a long period of time and lots of arduous efforts and focus. However, a person’s life is always divided by a day, an hour, a minute. Do what you can do for the day. Defeat one challenge at a time. When this piles up, you can see a mountain of triumph that will later make the big challenge a possible and an enjoyable feat to overcome.

2. Focus on your goals
One assurance of true success is the ability of never losing track of what a person should be doing. It is mind over matters. Be consistent with your actions and your attention. Avoid as many temptations as possible, even those others call as entertainment and unwinding. Most of the times, they deviate one’s focus and one’s accumulated strength into nothing and they cause a change of heart which will be translated into declining motivation and accepting failure or defeat even when it is not yet happening in exchange of the present but short fun and pleasure.

3. Fail, then recreate failure into success
Most people are afraid of trying because they fear failure. But this is wrong. Failure is actually an opportunity to learn a lot of things better. Failure determines if one’s actions are wrong and ineffective and so redirect one’s actions in the further course. Failure strengthens character and the humility that one still has a lot to learn. Resistance to failure sparks the will and the courage to try even more, to risk everything in order to gain what is the desired outcome. Fighting head on, getting excited to try, and smiling at the thought of failing and learning and making new experiences are the essence of every challenge. Indeed, failure will increase your worth. You just have to overcome it.

4. Surround yourself with the necessary environment
Exposure gives you the natural force to do anything that those around you are doing. So, surround yourself with the environment that can provide you with the materials for your growth. It can be with people who would influence you to excel in what you like doing. It can be reading and viewing materials that you can immerse yourself with to learn and get ideas on how to deal with your competition better and wiser. Culture, customs and practices are very powerful in molding someone’s character, perceptions and approaches to goals as it is said, “You need a society to grow up a child”.

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