Social isolation means that one person has no social relationships, set apart from the group or tribe like a hermit. He prefers to be “outside the box” of the social milieu or the community. Human beings are social in nature. They live in community with fellow humans and share with one another their produce, wealth and resources for healthy and peaceful living.
A human being freely chooses to be isolated especially when he feels alienated from childbirth and does not feel belongingness in his family. He does not trust nor love his family. He prefers to keep his own self from hurt by not subjecting himself to live with another human being. This is tragic in the sense that he himself does not open himself up for dialogue, interaction and displays of social affection, which is possible only when experiencing closeness and belongingness with others.
Should a person feel isolated in any situation, either through bullying or inferiority complex, he should immediately rouse himself up to reassess his issues and seek the counsel of others and those of his own household. The victim of bullying will hate himself for not having the strength to stand up for himself and will just tolerate the evil that is done to him. Eventually, he becomes addicted to his computer, playing, surfing and browsing, yet not connecting with people on Facebook, Twitter or email. He may go to extra lengths of stalking or logging in anonymously or incognito but with no intention of socializing. His attention may be riveted in one object of his passion, be it a game or a person. Then he becomes obsessed and fixated to the extent that he gets to vent his revenge on unsuspecting people, even committing the sin of malice and murder at its worst. Or if the toll of depression is so great, he resorts to suicide.
If anyone is privy to a person like that who showed symptoms of withdrawal from one’s peers or group, he should coax him into joining a social milieu that can tolerate him or accept him. In this way, the victim will feel belongingness and safety. His self-esteem gets buoyed up and his feeling of animosity is replaced with understanding and kindness. He then learns empathy and social decorum. He must be encouraged to learn new trade or skills so he can join any sports club or be admitted to any group or association with social welfare orientation or church ministry. There are support groups that offer counseling and behavioral therapy that should help him rebuild social relationships and bring him back in the mainstream. For the purpose of character improvement, a person with alienation problems can be enrolled in faith-building and leadership training so as to tap his potentials and put to good use. Once the person can draw confidence from himself and others, he will then reach out and begin to like himself and others. From liking follows acceptance, forgiveness, and love of God, of himself and of others.
If ever someone chooses a life in a hermitage, he is subjecting himself to live in harsh conditions and dependent only in prayer and meditation and in communion with nature and God. In this, his aloneness suffices for himself. Spiritually a hermit finds fulfillment in social isolation since he is not exposed to worldly attachments and frivolities. He may be isolated but he brings the whole world with him to offer to God for the renewing of minds and hearts of the people and to seek His forgiveness on their behalf.
We learn from Jesus Christ Himself lessons of temperance and mastery of self over temptations and weakness when he isolated himself for 40 days and 40 nights in a desert in prayer, fasting and discipline. He was subjected to harsh elements, cold, heat, and all manner of evil temptations which He overcame through prayer and Scripture verses. Like Jesus, whoever has drawn away in isolation from the world at one point in his life will gravitate towards it with a mastery of self-restraint, detachment, and wisdom. Social isolation, in the pragmatic sense, is needed at times to pull away from worldly preoccupations that hinder people from growing spiritually.

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