Man is social in nature and will always be seeking belongingness or acceptance with another. It could be to satisfy a psychological need to connect to someone who can become one’s other self, or to a group, that shares the same purpose in life and with whom he can be comfortable with. It need not be a romantic relationship he wants but a friendship that can mean more as life support as well as source of happiness.
There is an ancient proverb by William Turner, and I quote here, “Birds of the same feather flock together”. This is also applied to people having similar interests banding together. The similarity in likes, activity, passion, books, movies, and other preferences always brings like-minded people together.
There is a mutual feeling of familiarity even at first acquaintance that makes people decide to be friends with somebody. Then curiosity about their having the same interests will lead to a discovery of their personalities. They meet again and again until a real blossoming friendship is formed. Now they do things together, share some fruitful discussions, make adventures together or just lazy around reading and exchanging books or other reading materials. Friendship evolves as trust and care are experienced between them.
Friendship starts, though not always, at the instant a smile or greeting is exchanged but it needs more openness to pursue it. One makes the effort to extend a helping hand and the other takes it as a gesture of gratitude. Friendship can even be formed as a result of a detour from unfamiliarity or dislike at first impression. It may be that what one has viewed as an unjust practice may not be another’s perception so they clash. But as circumstances bring them together, curiosity takes over. Then a clearer perspective became known by both and one is found bending himself to the other’s opinion. Animosity turns to understanding and a truce is made. This is how the rest of the story goes: enemies became friends.
Friends just happen to be made as they are attracted to the same milieu. Once preliminaries, like introduction of themselves, background check or curriculum vitae, are done, there is a likely chance of them following and hooking up either through sports, leisure, book clubs or social media.
Young people always are socially connecting and can readily make friends through Facebook, Twitter or chat rooms. They have their own world to themselves, share the same conversational lingo, which the elders cannot even understand. It feels normal for them to vent their feelings to their online friend, their likes, dislikes, hatred, love, dreams, passion, and frustrations, which they cannot freely discuss with their family. Most often they see each other in person after they have established friendship and trust the other already.
Sadly, though, there are those vulnerable to unlikely good friends that mean more harm than good. There are those who learn bullying antics from fellow bullies and end up being in bad company. This kind of friends can have a bad influence on the unsuspecting persons and can lead them to destructive game sites and pornography; at worst, even entice them to commit suicide. Not all who share the same interests are real friends. They just come to be friendly with bad stuff and bad people. But there are others who become hero-friends to another when they are there to guide and not misled, who teach them values, faith, and good stuff. These are the kinds that make parents feel assured that their children are in good company and safe.
Some people group together for common ideology or idealism, not necessarily becoming close friends but supporting one another for a just cause. They may argue over something but get to resolve the issues immediately to keep their association intact. Other members may tend to have questionable integrity but they are held by the same loyalty to their ideology.
Friendship to aging people or the elderly is much more therapeutic and anti-aging. Friends make them vibrant and full of joy. They may share fun moments and quiet times together and always feel content with just being there for each other. Friends that last decades till they forget their names are one-in-a-million.

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