A work of art can come with thousands of feelings as how a picture can mean into thousands of words. It is an embodiment of what the artist wanted to portray. He imbibes all his feelings and soul in that particular work of art be it a painting, a sculpture, a bonsai, or something else.
A work of art can mean more than just a piece. It can come as a fire place to a cold home – a piece that lights up conversations, connections, and relationships. It can be a window into a different world in a room full of familiar faces, and a different world to wander into. It can be a memory of the past. It can be reassuring, nostalgic, melancholic, or anything else. As long as it seeks to belong, then it belongs. Art is a home in everyone’s heart.
And in return, to say these means that it can end up somewhere else as well. Sometimes when an art work feels off, it may just be that it is not where it is supposed to be. Maybe, it belongs somewhere else. Maybe it is just not home for it abodes in the human hearts.
Some work of art are specifically tailored for families (like portraits), for a building (paintings that tells a story), or for any area of sort, e.g. a park (sculptures). Sometimes these are the things that make you feel connected to the bigger area. Sometimes art pieces are there to make you feel at home. You will find the art work that resonates most with you will continue to pull you into where it is. It will keep you occupied when it is around, and you would feel welcome, home, and somehow, complete.
There is this sense of belongingness or attraction between the right person, place, or time and the right piece. That is why you need to continue doing art for it may one day fill someone’s room with the feeling of completeness, the feeling of being home. One day, it may open memories that bring back feelings that will bring people together. One day, it will change the future for the better.
You, as an artist, are tasked with this responsibility – to bring the feeling of home into your work and to set it into course. Look at your previous works of art. Where do you think will they feel more at home? Where do you think will they belong the most? Maybe this is the only missing question in your search, in your life as an artist. Maybe this will light up your career, or maybe this will help you see homes for the piled pieces of art in your room or studio. Just know that there is always a potential home for every piece, no matter how remote it may be.
Have you found the piece that makes you feel like it’s home? You will find it, or maybe, it will find you.
Or maybe it already has.

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