What does positive self-esteem mean? It means being confident about your inner and outer beauty. It means loving yourself for who you are. Positive self-esteem is not changing yourself to fit the standards of society. It is being satisfied by what is given to you. Having that positive self-esteem is hard to achieve. Being imperfect human beings that we are, we feel a lot of insecurities. Especially now that the world is highly influenced by social media. Social media is one of the reasons why we lose our self-esteem. For example, girls specifically follow and idolize women they see on that medium. When one sees someone who is physically attractive, they tend to starve themselves too.
Some individuals go under the knife just to look good to feel good. That is pathetic. It is so sad that girls and boys nowadays feel the need to follow what society labels as perfect. The pressure of living up to one’s expectation is taking a toll on these individuals, especially the teens. Instead of embracing their flaws and being proud of themselves, they are changing not only their physical features but they are also losing respect for themselves. They believe that what they see on social media is the norm. Being insecure is okay, we all feel that but changing and hiding the real you are completely unnecessary.
Never let someone or something pull your confidence down just because you think that they are a step higher than you are. You should stop trying to please everyone because it is not their life. Never drag yourself down. The only one who could mend your insecurity is your own self; If you feel that you are at the bottom, there is no other way to go but up. Always remember that everybody has insecurities, including the person that you are insecure with. They are just good in hiding their flaws. If everything in you is pretty low, hold on to your self-esteem; it is the last thing that you have.
When you have a positive self-esteem, you are living your life happily. Don’t worry about your looks because in your own perspective, you look absolutely fine. In fact, you do believe that you are purely beautiful. Beauty is subjective, after all. When you have positive self-esteem, you are stress-free because everything that you think about is happiness. Worrying about your looks is the last thing you will ever do. You are happy because you are contented. You don’t need more. You do not need people to praise you. You believe you are enough and perfect just the way you are. Having positive self-esteem means loving yourself. Self-love is very important. You do not feel insecure because you appreciate the person that you are. You appreciate your quirkiness and that makes people learn to love it too.
Having a positive self-esteem has a lot of benefits. One of those is confidence. Having enough self-esteem means appreciating people them without feeling envious for the things they have. You do not let them control your life and tell you what and what not do. It is your life. It is you who write your own story. You have self-reliance which is a good thing. You do not need someone’s opinion to assure you that you look and do good. You do not let those criticisms destroy you. Instead, you use those constructive criticisms as a tool to improve yourself and to achieve better. You believe in posit. Positive self-esteem is embracing your flaws because they make you different to others. You believe that you are unique in your own way and that makes you stand out from the crowd.
Don’t forget that this is a cruel environment. There are people who would discriminate you. Do not let their negative words get into you. Instead of taking it seriously, just laugh it off and smile. They discriminate you because it makes them feel good about themselves. Pushing people down would just prove how envious they are. They are not happy people and they involve you with their miseries. Brush them off, it is the best and most effective thing you can do.
Smile at all times. They say that is the best revenge. I say that is the best outfit I could wear.

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