Beauty is indeed formidable, and it can even be more than just that. How about perfection?
Perfection is a scope that yet we have to fully grasp and define (will we ever be able to truly define perfectionism?). Is it just about being the ideal version? Is it about being symmetrical? Or is it about completeness? This could thread into the roads of realism, where art is defined to be true, realistic,…but perfect?
Again, we stumbled upon a late long question on whether what really is perfect. Or this could follow the path of architecture and design, where symmetry and purpose are of great value. Wherever it may go, one common denominator follows that may feel similar to it “beauty”. Although, if beauty and perfectionism correlate within this scope on what being perfect is, then we could say that being perfect is indeed formidable as well.
If each person was a jigsaw puzzle piece, and if the same goes for art pieces, then one is bound to be perfect for the other but disproportional to another. This goes on and on and back into the saying that goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and maybe, so is being perfect. The formidability probably follows from awe, fear of the unknown, and/or admiration, but is there really more to this than just that? Is being perfect really something that we can measure with just formidability, which only is an assumed byproduct of something considered as perfect?
Well maybe so, but let us first gather our thoughts on what perfect is. Maybe after this, we can finally decide on whether we should strive for perfection or lay low.
Most of the definitions for the word “perfect” circle on completeness, the absence of flaw, real, absolute, and having all the desirable properties, but are not all these subjective in some way? So here, we can now probably assume that what is considered perfect by one will be formidable to one, but not necessarily to all, and may never even be possible for a time for it to be universally applicable. This are all hypothetical for again the saying goes “nobody is perfect”, and probably nothing is absolutely perfect, after all, we do have varying preferences.
So with all these, should you strive for perfection? I definitely would say “yes”, if what it means for perfection is the exacting or the realization of what you feel and what you want to release into the world. Nothing beats portraying an idea or a thought as realizing it exactly and as perfectly as it should be. The fulfillment of such will be indeed formidable. Imagine a piece that you think is perfect for the moment right now. It may be a painting for a blank wall somewhere near you. And imagine if you could materialize exactly how that is supposed to be, how it is in your thoughts and for others.
If that is perfect, then that would be something you should strive for!
I mean we do not have to go way overboard, but if we can do more, or if we can make things be better than they are, then we should. If the thoughts of achieving what you deem are perfect can earn you the things and the respect that you need, and if you can carry on and live the lifestyle, then go for it.
Life is too short to hold back. Being mediocre indeed should not be the end of an artist’s path. Carry on with the greatness if you want to; if you can, then go. Growth and change are probably the only two things in this universe that are certain, and they will lead you to greatness and help you achieve the “perfect” piece with effort, time, and the acceptance of the thought that what may be perfect for you, may not exactly be what is perfect for another. So, strive for that perfect piece. Create your masterpiece, and find completeness and content in your work. You will know when you have found what is perfect for you when you feel fulfilled, but for now, strive if you must.

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