Time definitely runs fast when one is having fun but there are always long periods in between that always make people wait. Sometimes, time runs so fast yet at times like waiting for one’s friend to come back. Time can disappear with a snap of one’s fingers or carry on like an eternity. The same goes with the process of painting. There are times where time goes by so quick like the painting itself, but there are times like the drying part, that makes an artist irritated that they have to wait even longer for their masterpiece to finish. This is where patience is an essential value even if time is gold.

When someone wants to paint, she still needs to look for inspiration from the world around her. The problem is that inspiration never comes easy and it takes longer for it to strike. She gets frustrated that every time she wants an idea, she ends up blank. She needs to learn to be patient that inspiration will indeed come to her. It is a struggle to be pressured to finish an artwork when one does not even know what to draw or where to start. But it will be okay. Inspiration appears when one least expects it. She should not force herself to draw something that she does not feel like drawing because it then ruins the image itself and the way it will be portrayed. This ruins the overall impact the image will have just because the artist was not “into” it.

Once she finally has the idea, she creates a strategy to create it and gets to work on her painting. The problem is that every time she finishes one layer, she needs to wait once more for it to dry up. She wants to pull her hair out because she wants to finish already, but she cannot sleep yet because she did not finish the task yet. So she waits yet again. For some people, they cannot rest until they finish their task. They end up sleep-deprived and on the edge of their seats. They easily get infuriated but they have to wait once again. They have to learn to be patient once again because it is part of the process. Each layer strengthens the foundation of the image one portrays and the feelings one wants to convey. Each layer is important so it will just have to wait…

Oh no! She committed a mistake. She needs to wait for the painting to dry up first before painting on top of her mistake. She learns to wait and take a break. She needs to take a step back and examine the scale of disturbance that her mistake created to the overall effect of the painting. If she immediately corrects her mistakes, it smudges and it becomes worse. It is like she just added salt to the wound. She will have to start all over again. This time around, she will actually watch the pendulum swing back and forth and wait for the right time to come. This shows that sometimes, acting on things immediately will make things a lot worse. The value of self-control and discipline through patience triumphs once again.

She finally finished the painting! She is proud of her work and she wants to show people personally the level of expertise she is in. But she has to wait for her painting to dry. Sometimes, when artists are finished with their works they want others to marvel over their work of art, but it is a bit difficult when one’s canvas is still drying. In the end, the value of persistence despite wishes is clearly seen. In the end, it becomes a work that anyone would marvel over.

Art requires a lot of patience and it teaches everyone a thing or two that one should apply to one’s daily life. Patience sometimes seems tiring in this fast-paced world where there is no time to stop. One can parallel this to riding a bicycle- everyone believes that when one stops paddling, he falls. That is not true. When one stops paddling, life continues to move on and the wind continues to kiss his face. It does not mean that when one stops paddling, he cannot start again. When one’s bicycle starts to slow down, start paddling.

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