“A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world”, Atticus once said. Happiness plays a fundamental role in living a splendid life. It’s also something we constantly seek. Joyfulness is immensely vital to our goals and it can help us in attaining cherished aspirations and objectives.

During a variety of eras or period in time, the form of art called painting were widely popular. Its history dates all the way back to artifacts from pre-historic humans. Something must have triggered the people into loving and engaging with this type of art piece.

As we all predictably know, painting is the act of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a blank canvas. It’s a system of creatively expressing one’s self. Each artist has a diverse approach when it comes to their personal style. A few examples are modernism, abstract styles, and photorealism. There are also different types of paintings. Like figure painting, this refers to a painting media whose primary subject is a person or human figure. There’s also landscape painting that focuses on the earth’s captivating surroundings. Sceneries such as mountains, valleys, forests, and rivers are commonly displayed or depicted. Another distinguished type is portrait painting. They’re generally representations of a person, in which the face and its expression is the main element. Lots of types has still been left unmentioned like allegory, bodegón, illustration painting, still life, and venduta.

Some of world’s most famous and renowned painters are Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, and Claude Monet. Da Vinci was a renaissance painter who was also a scientist, inventor, and more. He is held accountable for the creation of one of the most iconic—or perhaps even the most iconic—painting which is the Mona Lisa. Another extremely eminent work of his is The Last Supper. Gogh however was a Dutch post-impressionist painter and his famous works included The Starry Night, Sunflowers, and Café Terrace at Night. Picasso was a modern ‘cubist’ painter whose well-known paintings are Guernica and Dove of Peace. Then there’s Michelangelo who was also a Renaissance painter, sculptor, and architect. He was acclaimed for his epic ceiling mural on the Sistine Chapel. Monet was a French impressionist painter who produced notable paintings like Water Lilies, Women in the Garden, and Impression, Sunrise.

Paintings like Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, Water Lilies, and The Scream all became prominent for a reason. They utterly take your breath away for they have a unique theme or a new painting style that makes it protrude in this crowded field. Many of these paintings are a testimony to the skill and talents of many artists from various parts of the world. The Mona Lisa became famous because of the lady’s undecipherable expression. The Starry Night depicts the village of Saint-Remy under a swirling sun. Water Lilies is a series of 250 oil paintings based on Monet’s own flower garden. The Scream manifests the distorted face of a figure against a bloody sky. The hilly landscape in the background adds to this picture’s charm. It is also one of the first few paintings done in expressionism style where the reality is blurred to give more importance to emotions.

And these are only a few out of a dozen remarkable paintings.

These pieces of art have brought joy and inspiration to countless of people. From the flick of the wrist and swipe of the paintbrush to the beautifully articulated combination of colors. It truly has heavily influenced the lives of humankind. By simply looking at them, life automatically seems a little bit better. They make you smile and brings out this positive emotion, radiating good vibes to everyone surrounding you. It instantly lifts up your mood. Also, if you personally paint, it gives you this unexplainable sense of inner peace and tranquility. That moment of euphoria you go through as you transform the blank canvas into something beauteous. It’s an affirming, uplifting, empowering, and inspiring feeling. Hence, it’s a strong belief that paintings generate inspiration. It brings out creativity inventiveness, innovation, and ingenuity. And pushes us to accomplish important tasks and maximize our competence. On that account, painting must never falter for it possesses tremendous benefits to each and everyone of us.

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