The world is rich in resources, natural, physical, and a most vital component, its human resource. People make this place wonderful, creating various things to serve different needs and to express themselves by doing what pleases them. They use both physical and mental faculties to bring out their desires and interests, the products of which are the many works of art.

Art is a skill in making or doing things in its broad sense (as defined in the World Book Encyclopedia). It may be seen in the production of beautiful objects for varied uses in the daily lives of people, including making them for their own sakes. They thus make things not only for practical purposes such as tools for cutting, farm implements and the like but also for other intents like something worth looking, hearing or even remembering. These works of art are seen in writing novels, composing music, painting a picture, and a lot more.

Throughout history, there have been written about practices and stories told of what people did in their lives not only for practicality but also to put importance to certain events in their social, religious and political life. The Greeks, for instance, made statues of their gods and goddesses to represent ideal human qualities of courage, beauty, and strength. Even in contemporary times, there are works depicting heroes and highly revered individuals, thus, sculptures, paintings, and written materials are found in different places of the world. Intricacy and beauty may be seen in these works which show not only the skills but may also manifest the inner feelings of its artists/authors.

Besides written literature and music compositions, painting is considered one of the oldest and most important arts. Art galleries and museums display great works of well-known painters. Even if one is not a painter, to gaze intently at one good picture or portrait, one may marvel at how such work of art could have been made, especially when the naive onlooker seems to be drawn to such a beautiful product. Paintings though differ, some may be simple while others may be complicated or heavy to look at. This also depends on the beholder, where one may not know anything about painting while another may be a student of the art or a seasoned painter himself. Whoever is looking at it, there may be some good outcome.

Painting, whether to engage in it or to just look at it, gives enjoyment to the person. To one who likes looking at paintings, it is a worthwhile exercise to visit art galleries and exhibits as well as a better way to spend time leisurely than just idling away at some cafe or mall. It may be a stimulant to awaken a new passion. A person engaging in painting might find it a good avenue for unexpressed desires, or a safe outlet for some pent-up emotions. It also serves as a link to meet more people in the same field thereby expanding one’s circle of friends. Social interaction with people who share the same passion and with enthusiasts who enjoy the works do well for the development of one’s keenness and promotes learning too from more seasoned, versatile painters. There is also learning on viewing paintings of the past that show people at home or in the community, or in familiar settings like the church, farm and the like. These may show how people then dress up or what furniture they used. The information gleaned from such paintings serves to tell of the changes in interests, ways, and attitudes of people with the passing of time.

While painting and works of this art differ in many ways as to style, form, colors, etc. depending on the painter, this art’s benefits are obvious. It not only provides enjoyment and pleasure, teaches and informs but is also an avenue for social expression where artists express their social and political beliefs. Paintings, too, find place in rooms and buildings where they serve to decorate. Whether to delight one’s eyes, to learn, to express one’s self freely, and for other reasons, painting indeed helps one live life better.

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