When man was created by God, he left a vacuum in his heart so that he should always seek and desire to be united to His Maker. Only the love of God can fill that void and man constantly pines for such communion until his desire is satiated.

Our desires matter in our choices of relationship, vocation and aspirations. We make our lives by the choices we make. Desire is a sense of longing and craving for something or someone and fuels excitement to obtain what one wants. We feel unfulfilled when our desires are not met resulting in unresolved needs and expectations. These can be detrimental to personal growth because we tend to seek and resort to actions, licit or illicit. However, we can keep unmet needs under control by grace through prayer, Scripture reading, seeking counsel from wise men and living a holy life.

Desires do not give man the license to do what he wants. If he does what he desires inordinately he becomes more animal-like than human. Man is known by the state of his heart. His heart’s desires can make or destroy him as a person. Overindulgence of his desires will bring him to excessive inappropriate behavior and sexual perversion. Man is defiled by what comes from his heart, such as evil thoughts. Many examples of downfall of men are caused by impure desires that led to their committing murder, sexual immorality, uncleanness, adultery, corruption, slander and all manner of evil practices and cult.

The human heart is full of deceit and can fool us into believing we are doing something good for others when in truth it is for our own selfish motives.

Steered in the right direction, man’s desires can elevate him to heights of fulfillment and self-satisfaction. When his desires are pure, he can love just as God loves, selflessly looking after the welfare of the beloved. He is capable of loving his partner with chaste love even to the point of giving his life for the other. He can even love his enemy. This is so because God filled the void in his heart with His love.

Man’s ambition can either benefit him or destroy him. If he desires to be successful and is obsessed to reaching his goal using even questionable ethics, then he becomes ruthless and tyrannical. On the other hand, if he is humble and desires only that which is honorable, he will surely be serving the interests of others before his own. God will definitely fill him with the desires of his heart leading to love and self-fulfillment.

Man’s aspirations will be met when the desires of his heart are subservient to the will of God.  When we trust the Lord and do good and delight in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart. Our hearts will cease seeking something because finally, we have found rest in love. God made us for Himself so our hearts can only find rest in Him.

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