Everybody is unique. You may not be good in sports. You may not be good in fist fighting. You may not be good at anything that your friends or the people around you are good at but there is something uniquely good in you that others do not possess at the same optimum level. If you suck at studying, if you suck at playing musical instruments or playing balls in sports, if you suck at making friends, if you suck at arguments and debates, if you suck at being creative in designs, and you thought there is nothing that you can do better: congratulations! You are way closer to discover your unique potential. Why is this so? Because you have tried everything and have seen how those are not suitable for you. Of course, because you are designed for something else. You are utterly good for something else. What is that? In order to know that, you should try a lot of things, and try to excel in them until you find one that you suit you better.

In the old times, the honor and prestige given to men are utterly based upon how strong they have showed in conquering battles. When a person showed aggressiveness and brute strength, people thought that greatness and success were inevitable in his life. The king and the greatest of his warriors had a way to prove their might and worth through their demonstration of power and superiority over others, specifically with the use of physical strength. In the modern world, brute strength becomes only one of the options of acquiring greatness and success. Even the definition and concept of strength itself has changed dramatically over the years. Strength now refers to someone’s excellence in a particular field be it in sports, music, or even arts.

However, the “swift and strong” – those who have already been given exceptional talent and have shown it as early as toddlers – are not guaranteed to have victory and prestige in their lives. Only those who are persistent in practicing and mastering their talents can attain victory in the end. Indeed, it is not a matter of how talented one is already born with but on how one has shaped his talent over the years and has taught him the ground of failing and succeeding. It is a matter of continuous standing up from the pain and shame of every failure. It is a matter of courage to face what is unknown and hurtful and unbearable with the only encouragement and assurance of a beautiful end if he would never stop trying and going through over and over again. It is a matter of accepting mistakes and seeing them as steps of improvement, of refinement. It is a matter of not being contented and being clouded by small achievements, believing that the desired outcome is yet to come and that he has to continue. Staying on track, never giving up, and always being positive are values that are hard to maintain and are usually an impossible trait of every person in the world. This is why there are only a very few people who can succeed in life and even fewer who can truly be happy and fulfilled with their success. The already “swift and strong”, the already talented, the already masters, they are so full that they did not feel the need to stretch themselves further. That is why when they succeed something, they could never find fulfillment. They are not able to give a hundred percent of what they are capable of. The true measurement of one’s success, of one’s worth, is not so much on the number of achievement he has attained but on the intensity of fulfillment that he has received even when it is only once.

So, in everything that you do, do not cease in doing your best and making yourself one step higher.

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