The world is a very overwhelming place to live in. Without some sort of direction and purpose, one would easily feel drained and waiver into the slow comfort of one’s couch, distracted and lost. If your day feels draining and unfulfilling; if everything feels like a nuisance; if it is a daily struggle to get off bed; if you feel that you don’t belong, then it may be time to start living life the way it should be lived, through living out your passion and following through goals that really resonates with you, goals that define you.

Find that thing that makes your clock tick, your soul glow, and embraces your heart in flames. If that seems difficult, then go look back into time, back when you were still a kid, full of dreams and aspirations. What did you want to be the most? Pick through that, or just close your eyes and see in your very heart.

Yes, life in its greatest glory is the pursuit of something that one would call his or her purpose in this universe, and what is a better way to do that than being truly honest to yourself and living out a life of what you are passionate about? Living out a life of what you love to do and be.

It may be art in general that you are passionate about or something different, very specific, and as wondrous as miniature trains or stamp collection. Whatever that is that your energy and interest is directed to, follow through with it. For in this path of passion, no matter how the world is, no matter how difficult it may be, no matter what the terrain life presents, you will have something in your very core that you will solely call as your purpose to living through and living out.

You may be passionate about things that you feel are not “career-oriented,” but think again, dig deeper and just be full of passion as you should be, and surely you will find something closely related to what you are passionate of. Do not lose hope. Life is short, but your passion will outlive you if you pursue it with your life and with all your heart.

Yes, there are things in life other than our passion that we have to consider, but know this, once your passionate about something, whatever the obstacles are, a day will never come to be dull and out of purpose. Your passion may not be as simple as a desk job, but it sure would be much more fulfilling than that, exciting. Passion is like the hearth of our room of life. It warms everything and makes everything feel like home.

So what do you live for? What are you passionate about? These are two different questions that may get different answers, but once you figure things out and have the same answer for both, then you’re in the path of living out a life of purpose and passion. We all have something that we are passionate about. We all need something to live for.

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