It is only when one draws conclusions from certain aspects of their lives, that they are able to learn from everything they have been through. As what Steve Jobs had said, ” You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” It is only in learning from one’s past, that one is able to make their mark in the future. When one connects the dots forwards, one has no idea where to plot the next step, but when one connects the dots backwards, he learns to be grateful for what he has in life. Starting with a task like painting, one is able to draw conclusions from that experience and apply these to real-life situations apart from painting.

Painting imparts numerous lessons that anyone can apply in his or her daily lives. One of them is starting from the inside and slowly moving outwards. One needs to initiate change within oneself before telling others to change. One has to slowly move outwards so that one can first take time to reflect on it to take a step backward. Taking a step backward is the second lesson one can learn. When painting, one must see past the small errors and see the bigger picture to appreciate the work of art one has created. It is through the imperfections and mishaps that one was able to create something unique and brilliant because it was perfect in its imperfections. Comparing this lesson to life, there will be failures and problems in one’s life and sometimes one breaks down from carrying the weight of the world on their two shoulders. But they are perfect when they can see past the scars, wounds, and falls because these experiences made them who they are and without them, they would not be the same people they are today.

In the same way, people commit mistakes too. No one is perfect and there is a lot of imperfections that surround everyone every day. That does not mean that it is okay to just reason out that everyone is human. Painting teaches that it is never too late to start over again. No mistake is irreversible if one makes an effort to correct the mistakes they have done. They have to turn over a new leaf or in this case, a new canvas. It does not mean that one should change all of themselves immediately. Like paint that takes time to dry before one can repaint, one needs to learn to be patient. Patient in a way that one should learn to take their time in every step of their life. Like painting, each layer is another experience that forms one as a person and shapes the way one thinks. It means changing slowly to become the best version of oneself. Yes, shortcuts may exist but they tend to ruin the picture because drying the paint with a blower will cause the paint to crack. Taking the longer path makes it more worthwhile because if one takes the shortcut, they will not know how valuable it is.

These are the few connections one can make from a painting experience. Painting gives people determination, perseverance, and joy despite the struggles one has. Applying these lessons to one’s daily life can impact them positively and change one’s perspective on things. They learn to see the bigger picture and continue to move forward because they understand why these things have to happen and how these things will affect them and who they are as a person. Painting is not just art, it is a method of living life to the fullest, layer after layer, mistake by mistake, problems to solutions. Comparing it to life, painting is not always approved by everyone, it is not always considered as something beautiful by everyone. But the thing is, one does not paint completely for others. People paint for themselves the same way they do not always live completely for others. The road may be long and acceptance may not be garnered, but it is only in living for themselves and the people they love that it becomes worthwhile. Painting does exactly that.

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