We have encountered many different kinds of teachers in our life. The very first ones were our parents and relatives. Although we didn’t really view them as teachers, it is hard to deny that without them, we wouldn’t have learned to tie our shoelaces by ourselves, bathe without assistance, or get back on our feet after an embarrassing fall. Yes, at such an early period in our lives, we were nothing without these people who loved us unconditionally. On the other hand, there are those who taught us in school. Whether they are deserving of the label or not, they are whom we truly call our teachers.

Just like any human being, one teacher can be very different from the next. Various people inevitably have dissimilar characteristics, personalities, appearance, and moods. But regardless of how each student describes her ideal teacher, there is only one particular kind who is worthy of the title, teacher. Since kids learn all sorts of things from her, she has to guide and inspire her students, on top of educating them. Aside from academic enhancement, instructors should also be dedicated to a child’s well-being. It is not all tests and recitation and grades, but educators must inspire the students to want to succeed. The ideal teacher is one who, without trying too hard, can get the attention and admiration of her audience. In order to achieve this, she must sincerely love her job with passion and enthusiasm. Needless to say, children look up to these second parents and they work harder for someone that they respect.

A teacher who motivates her students to succeed does not need to be the most intelligent. The most important thing is heart – the heart to connect and encourage students. No matter what subject she teaches, a good relationship and mutual respect are essential for a child to thrive later in life, beyond research papers and periodical examinations. Teachers who are devoted to their jobs do not only inspire students to appreciate the subject matter but also encourage them to try harder, if only to please the former. If she is able to enthuse the kids, then she has already contributed a significant beginning to a prospective career choice. Then following this up with constant encouragement and a genuine concern for a child would totally allow him to blossom into a successful and happy graduate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what lessons we learned from a teacher. The learning itself is voluntary most of the time. We can always just read books in order to find out more about a particular topic. What counts the most is how the teacher makes us feel. Does she make me insecure and hesitant to participate in discussion periods? Or is she curious what drove me to ask a certain question? The type of educator who makes us excited to attend lectures, who unceasingly reassures us that our pace is just right, and who doesn’t compare us to other students is the only one who deserves to be called teacher.

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