During the Renaissance Period, Leonardo da Vinci trumped all the different kinds of painting. Everyone can easily say that he is definitely the original. His name always equates to art. He mastered oil painting and even drawing the anatomy of the human body! He was truly a creative artist whose drawings always related to their theme that highlights humanism- the idea of individuality.

In modern society, the definition of art still remains unknown. From graffiti art they call vandalism to high-end art they usually describe as a dot, people always argue on what art truly is. What is art? Art can be a form of expression where one finds beauty in a series of lines, patterns, and shapes. Art does not always have to be a message for others. Art can be a message to others, where a person can interpret the art the way they perceive it. Art can be a search for oneself, where every stroke of the brush creates a deeper knowledge of who one truly is. This is how they paint in depth – they are not thinking about the scenery itself, but the inner meaning that lies behind it.

The meaning is always not clearly seen at first. It is usually a mystery that awaits to be solved. It is not in what one sees in viewing the image, but rather it is what one feels when they look at the image. It is in a deeper sense because one needs to find themselves in the canvas they see, the smudges they make and the landscapes they draw. All contribute to the definition of the image they portray of themselves in their art. Every edge, every shadow, every color attacks the mind and softens the heart of those who view this image. Simply because, artists paint more than just brushes on their sleeves, they paint with their hearts on their sleeves – raw and emotional, a painting that makes hearts beat fast yet in rhythm as they all see the painting in the same perspective.

For artists, seeing their own paintings displayed on a wall is like a mirror reflecting themselves and who they are. Paintings do not expose the physical representation, rather they create a deeper sense of representation- a representation of what they stand for as a person, as they search to find themselves in the images they paint.

Moreover, artists are usually right-brainers, which make them more tilted to the creative side, so they are able to project their feelings into tangible visual objects that make the audience gasp in awe not only from the image but also from the hidden messages it sends. It is not only artists who find themselves in the palette and the dashes of lines, but also the audience who see pieces of themselves displayed in the arts.

Art is not about drawing something that everyone can relate to, rather, it is about finding a piece that one can relate to deeply. Art reflects who you are and what you do- your passions, ideas, and dreams. Anyone can draw but not everyone can draw something about themselves, not everyone can find themselves in a series of curves and a splash of colors. Art needs to be true for it to be perceived as something more than a bunch of circles on a canvas. It needs to be perceived as something in depth, something every artist must learn.

In the end, art is not about the image itself, nor is it about the mode of creating the art. Art is about one’s interpretation of their imagination, creating visual aids to help in their journey towards self-actualization. It does not suffice to say that art is a form of expression, a method of creating a message. Though it may be used to do those things, art is a catalyst for change but a remnant from history, art is modern yet historic, art is simply what one makes it out as. Art is everyone – at the best and at their worst. Because of those reasons, art requires depth because it is in one’s perception that changes everything.

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