An art or craft goes through a process of thinking, planning, effort, and revision before it is put up for display or exhibition. The artist does take pride in his work and he wants the world to see what message he was trying to convey. It becomes an expression of the artist’s personality; his art being a product of his passion. We can identify a painter for his painting by his common concept of colors, drawing, and theme used. It is like his signature or trademark. To a lover of art, he can look and see the message conveyed, make an emotional connection to it and be touched by its imagery.

An artist faces struggles of financing, selling his art, getting into galleries and competition. There is a risk of his craft being unappreciated or unrecognized. He may encounter frustrations, rejections, failures, lack of recognition and, subsequently, loss of enthusiasm to pursue his passion. He may even resort to abandoning his craft and taking on other occupations. He may just lose altogether the magic touch of his brush.

Even so, a true artist will not easily give up. He will try and try until his work becomes recognized for its quality and authenticity. If there are artists that really gave up due to lack of recognition, then they gave up on their passion and drive. Of course, it is tough in the art world. They have to work harder for even a piece of their work to sell or get praise. However, for a real artist, the lack of recognition may push him, even more, to draw out the best work in the next try. His passion this time may be refueled and his drive, more determined.

On the other hand, if a viewing public could just make a critique of the work, out of courtesy, whether appealing or not, any artist could accept the challenge rather than none at all. A single comment may mean much to the artist for at least somebody got to notice his work. An art exhibition is one way of helping aspiring artists showcase their pieces. Teaching art in school or tutoring private lessons can be a venue for exhibits of an artist’s pieces of art.

Many works of art may have been failures in the public’s eyes but for the artists, they are the products of their aspiration and creativity, ingrained in their heart and soul. Artists reveal their very soul in their treasured art. It is their depiction of what they feel of the subject and how they perceived it. However, it is not an easy work for an artist because he has to make some choices and observations and studies the subject before he puts his mind and heart to the canvas.

Perhaps lack of recognition may yet give the artist another unprecedented discovery of his untapped talents and his capacity to try the unthinkable. He may venture into uncharted territory and enjoy new vistas, this time bolder and more imaginative.

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