Time is our constant challenge. We often find ourselves juggling careers and personal life. We try to chase time always, from chores at home to driving to work and beating the rush hour. More often we deal with stresses at work and end up being unproductive and exhausted. We face the daily grind of stress and health-threatening issues to the point that we become fraught with anxiety and insecurity about how things will turn out with this schedule of activities. We bring the burden home and find ourselves still tackling with more pressure—cooking meals and caring for the family, if you are a working mother or father. Or if single, you do the same caring chores for yourself but with less stress than if you are a working mother. But if you are bringing work home, then expect a depletion of energy. By the time you get to bed you fall flat in the face burned out.

Take a break and think. Am I working myself too hard or smarter?

First, make a tasks list and see how you can do multitasking both at home and in the office. Upon waking up, give yourself five minutes devoted to prayer to unclutter your mind and breathe in positive energy. Do some stretching exercise while in the bathroom. This will start your day right. The morning preparations for the family or for yourself will be easier to deal with, if you are happily recharged.

In driving to work avoid rush hour and traffic. When you cannot avoid it, maintain a happy disposition. Have steady control of your composure. Do some review of your to-do list. Make some calls for appointments. If you commute, make sure you catch the bus or train early to avoid hassle or commuter woes to affect you.

When at the office sort out and organize your tasks list from the priority to the least ones. Use smart ways to make your job easier. Learn new skills; maximize use of computers or any tool for productive outputs. Be conscious about time management. When it is break time, take the break! Get a little nap, if possible; it will reenergize you. That is the reason why workers have break time so they can carry on productively. You can bear the pressure with less stress. Maintain a cordial relationship with co-workers to avoid tension at work. Maximize your work outputs in order to avoid doing overtime work. If it is required to extend hours, you adjust your schedule of activities at home.

Maintain a work-life balance and you become happy and productive with a lot of inspiration to work smarter. On weekends engage in relaxing recreation, going to the beach with family or friends, nature trekking or reading books or watching movies.

Once you get used to this pattern, random challenges will not faze you but you will find yourself fully equipped to handle the situation and effectively produce the desired results. Working smarter does not necessarily mean working harder.

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