Painting is simply defined as an image created by the use of color(s) on a surface. According to history, painting is one of oldest forms of art. When people started to evolve, they also learned to express and represent their culture and environment through pictures. They carved and drew in the olden times and these artworks still exist up to today.

The art of painting has evolved and countless forms had been introduced throughout history. As we appreciate such works of art, we also wonder if painting should be viewed as merely a depiction of one’s thoughts and feeling or should be passionately viewed in a way that we carry it in our hearts with fervor and enthusiasm.

It is true that painting is a form of self-expression. Through painting, we exercise our creativity wherein we can have an outlet for our daily routines. We can also express our emotions and most importantly, enhance our happiness level.

But is painting really for us? We cannot help but ask this question. We may have a swift answer to this question but the underlying factor may be different from the superficial one. Painting indeed involves a great range of dedication, passion, focus and most especially, time.

Furthermore, talent and skills go hand in hand in the art of painting. We may learn the skills as we go along but we must also consider talent as one of the factors in this area. Talent is very indispensable if we consider pursuing a career in painting. We may argue and insist that we can learn the art of painting through workshops and lessons, but believe me, talent really plays a great role. This is where reality check sink will sink in. It’s raw talent versus acquired skills.

As we go deeper into the elements of painting, we need to intensely examine ourselves if painting is really for us. While some people are predisposed to talent and skills, unfortunately, some are not. On the other hand, others are just beyond blessed to possess both talent and skills. No doubt, the outstanding question would definitely not apply to this special group of people. Without a doubt, all they have to do is practice and continue pursuing a career in painting.

It may take some time to fully grasp the realization if painting is indeed the right path to follow for those that do not have the innate talent and skills. It may take a lot of thinking before we can fully conclude if painting is for us or not.

Moreover, talent and skills would go to waste if we are not willing to work hard, push ourselves and be open to try new approaches and challenges. Even the greatest talent and skills will only take us so far. It is only us who can truly assess if painting should be embraced and pursued even if we don’t have enough talent and skills. In the end, it’s the will, love, perseverance, determination, and attitude that will matter the most.

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