A man at peace with himself is a man at peace in the midst of turmoils. He cannot be anxious and afraid because he knows inner satisfaction and peace.
To have inner satisfaction requires first acceptance of our own imperfections. We may be impaired in some aspect but not useless. When we can accept poverty as well as riches, lack and abundance, deprivation and satisfaction, we have inner satisfaction and peace.
A man may lack the vanities in his life, yet he is happy with what he has. He is content. He is humble and selfless. It is his humility that enables him to see opportunity beyond grime and dirt, beyond poverty and lack. That opportunity is the dependence he has on God and His provision. He works to live his life and not live his life for his work. This means that he works to survive and meet his needs, shares his provision with others and still be happy. He eats to live healthily and does not live to eat like a glutton does. He does not make work his slave driver but his passion to give God the glory for the work of his hands. The world espouses to excel for one’s worth and not attribute everything he does as God’s blessing but by his own effort. In such a way the ways of the world will feed his vices of avarice, pride, greed, gluttony, and lust. He may indulge in materialism and vanities but still, he will not have inner satisfaction and peace.
There is a difference between living life and losing life. Many stories of renunciation of the world’s riches proved to us that man is happier being contented with what is sufficient. Some of the saintly people we may have known came from rich families but they preferred a life of poverty and anonymity. Poverty is not horrible want but satisfied need. It is losing the comfort and excesses of life that rids us of the stresses of living. We may be rich and enjoying pleasures and comfort but those are superficial things because, most often, our souls would seek inner satisfaction and peace. That is why, we hear of popular and rich personalities committing suicide, but there are those who just happily relinquish an excessive life to a modest one.
Inner satisfaction is nurtured by study of the Scriptures, learning from its teachings and living them. It is the doing of God’s will that makes us blessed, happy and at peace. In times of abundance, we would know how to detach from our treasures and make them available to those in need. During impoverished times we are not anxious because we believe in the provision of God who will not forsake us.
A person who has achieved inner satisfaction finds peace in his soul and heart and is like a stalwart seafarer in the midst of the storms of life. He does not flinch from trials and threats. A peaceful man is a contented one.

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