Famous artists are known for their creativity.  It is why we idolize them and they usually don’t disappoint, producing more and better reasons for their supporters to constantly imitate them.  They seem to have light bulb moments again and again, forming original notions with ease.  We, on the other hand, have difficulty with the simplest of tasks, never daring to dream of achieving a creation worthy of even just a handful of fans.


Well, the good news is, no one is ever really completely original.  Everything new we hear about is actually only a combination of many old ideas that we have already grown tired of.  They are just mixed together to form something new!  Whether they are ideas, tunes, ingredients, or colors, they have been there for more than a thousand years.  It is merely the discovery of a new combination that makes headlines.


There are workshops that inspire us to release our inner visualizations.  Encouraged by the experienced facilitators, we can sooner or later beckon our hidden imaginings to emerge.  Moreover, we are able to meet others who share the same interest or problem.  In these sessions, aside from gaining fresh ideas from the experts, we can also observe them and mimic some of their arty habits or expressions.  Gathered with enthusiasts alike, we may brainstorm together, taking careful note of novelty and learning to spot unique notions.


One surefire way to stimulate our creative juices is to visit art galleries and museums.  Here, we can imitate what look we hope to achieve in the art we create later on.  After all, if everything new is simply a mixture of everything old, isn’t it only logical that we get parts from the best and combine them to make something that is totally our own conception?  It would definitely turn out great, having been taken from tested and proven works of art that dealers sell.


Drawing or doodling when we are bored seems a waste of time.  But if we look at the graffiti on the street walls and sidewalks, we will soon realize that these are done by people with huge artistic abilities.  They are just not given enough resources and attention.  That is why they resort to destroying property by vandalizing newly-painted walls, imagining they are canvasses where they can freely express their ideas which are raring to get out.  We can learn from them by utilizing our free time wisely.  Putting our imagination on paper would record our daily progress, aid us in rapid improvement, and give our day much fun and excitement.


Having established some external aspects of unleashing one’s skills, we need one necessary internal factor in achieving our goal — attitude.  It is a very important issue in producing art.  In the process of working on our new project, it is imperative that we believe in ourselves.   We might call it faith or confidence, but whatever we work on, if we don’t trust that it is worth our time, energy, and money, nobody else would.


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