Faith and work must be integrated in order to achieve the fullness of life. This fullness is the achievement of one’s dreams and ambitions through the exercise of daily activities of living called work. It can also be in complementing the efforts of others in its fulfillment, and attributing work as a means to create a harmonious community with one another and glorify the Source of life.
It is not the sole objective of a person to “work-to-earn-money”. A person works to serve a higher purpose. It is innate in us as human beings that we labor for survival and to sustain our needs, fulfill our dreams, attain greater heights of success and enjoy the fruits thereof. We work for ourselves and in coexistence with others. The true meaning of one’s occupation is to achieve a greater good for one’s self and for others.
We may work for our own gain and yet we do not achieve true happiness because a spiritual need is not met. We may have an ordinary work but still be happy because we fulfilled that spiritual need aside from the physical ones. We are wired to use our senses and faculties to exercise our role in creation, not singly but in a community.
How do we integrate faith and work?
First, we acknowledge God with gratitude for the gifts He bestows upon us to use for our work, business or profession. Without Him, we can do nothing as everything is under His compass. With this mindset, we are guided on how to become a good steward and will always be humble and just in our actions. Every day before starting work, let us give ourselves some moments devoted to prayer to thank God and to ask His wisdom, guidance, and blessing. After the day’s routine, let us spend a quiet moment of reflection about how we did in today’s tasks so we can think of ways for improvement, either in our job performance or relations with others.
Second, let us sanctify our work for God’s glory and purpose. Whether our job is ordinary and monotonous, let us do our duties diligently and perform the tasks to completion and offer it as a sacrificial offering for the common good. Our attitude at work is best tested when under pressure. Let us maintain cool composure and cooperate with others for the completion of the tasks gladly and not grudgingly. Let us always be a helpmate to someone in need, to comfort, to edify, and to assist in whatever form that benefits the person’s morale or self-esteem.
Lastly, in all things, we work to the best of our ability because we take part in the harmonious delivery of the common good for the sanctification of our bodily and spiritual life and for God’s glory. We know that we reap what we sow. If we are employers, we are to treat our employees with justice and fairness. If we are employees, we are expected to be honest in our dealings for us all to be accounted as good stewards.

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