Friends are the best thing in life. They are free and great companions to be with. Friends make us do crazy stuff without thinking twice. We agree and go with whatever ideas they have in mind. Some of the best memories that we have are made by and with our friends.
Without them, we are crippled. They make us feel complete. When we have problems, our friends are always there by our side. They are just one call away. We run to them when we need advice and opinions. When we need a should to cry on, they offer theirs. When we need a bed to crash on for the night, they let you in and even share their blanket with you. We basically depend on them and vice versa.
Friends are our second family. We treat them as if they have the same flesh and blood as ours. We share each other’s clothes and food. We are comfortable with them because there is familiarity between us. They know our insecurities, dislikes, hobbies, mannerisms and favorites. They have seen both our dark and bright sides. They are our happy pill. They make us laugh by sharing their goofy jokes. They never fail to impress us with their ability to lighten up our moods. Friends are the closest equivalent to having siblings.
We have to be careful in choosing our friends. We give them our trust. We lay down our cards in front of them. We invest confidence and emotions in our friends. We don’t want to waste our time and emotions to friends who are not even there.
In life, we encounter fake friends. There are always some who will betray and use us. Some will take advantage of our vulnerability because they know they know that they can benefit from us. We should avoid those type of “friends”. Those are toxic and will definitely break your heart.
Real friends do not stab you in the back. They will always defend you to anyone. They will protect you because they do not want you to get hurt. They will catch a bullet for you. Real friends help you not because they want something in return. They help you because they care for you. A real friend supports your decisions and dreams. They are always in the front-row seat watching you with proud, enthusiastic faces. They are the ones who will cheer for you at the top of their lungs. They would stand up and clap their hands loudly for you.
Real friends do not leave you and let you suffer on your own. You would know who your true friends are during your bad times. Real friends would willingly let you share your problems with them because they want to fight with you. They will always be there by your side through thick and thin.
How do we pick our friends?
We can’t really fathom that. There is no definite explanation on how we pick friends. You do not get to pick your friends, fate does. Fate decides when and where you will bump into each other. Fate decides who you belong with. You just become friends instantly. You would know because you just click together. Maybe because you have the same taste in music and sense of style. Maybe because you both dislike orange or you both hate pineapples on pizza. You experience the same stuff and share common interests that is why you become friends.
That is why you developed that precious and priceless thing called friendship. Friendship is not made immediately. It is slowly developed and earned. Sometimes, it is accidentally discovered.
It is a long journey to achieve a successful friendship. Why do we pick them? Great question.
We always feel the need to pick the right ones. We pick friends who gained our trust and promise to never lose it. We believe they deserve our whole attention, time, care and love. We pick them because we can see our future with them. They accept us for who we are.
When we are with them we do not have the need to pretend. They make us feel confident about ourselves because they accept our flaws. They see us even in the depths of our despair. We pick them because they simply make us happy. We forget about the world. When we are with them, time suddenly stops ticking. Being with the right friends means we are at home. For me, they are home.

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