Successful individuals have the right ingredients to get to the top. Their plates are full of secret spices. These people are the ones who are positive thinkers, who have a strong faith in themselves and have a high sense of responsibility. They have the best recipe to cook success. These people are not afraid to face struggle and strive hard to get what they want and be the person they want to be. They do not only set goals but they also achieve them. Those who dream and work surely have a bright and clear future ahead.

On the other hand, those who only set and keep their goals on queue are unsure of what they want. They are unfocused and distracted. Above all, these types of people want it the easy way.

Success is not like instant noodles. It needs long preparation and warming up. It takes a lot of failures and more failures. It is a steep road ahead. Success doesn’t come for free nor it is bought by money. It is a dream that only becomes reality only if the recipe is followed step by step and done slowly. Success is one of the things that we, people, are hungry for. We do our best and sacrifice our blood, sweat and time in order for us to achieve it. There are different definitions of success. It can be a dream job, a certain goal, a luxurious material thing or just a better version of who you want to be as a human being. Success is earned after we overcome obstacles. Before succeeding, life will put you through a series of mazes. Life is what we make it. It is on and up to you how you deal with it. Of course, we need the essential ingredients for us to produce the sweetest version of success. We have to have a good recipe to be successful. Below are the two main components of success.

Hard work is one main ingredient. Hard work means sacrificing your time, energy and effort. You can’t achieve something at the snap of your fingers. It does not work like that. You have to gather yourself together and exert effort. Always remember why you started. If you are on the verge of giving up, always remind yourself that no one can help you but you alone. If you won’t continue, then who will? And when? There is not enough time left. There should be a deadline set for every goal.

The other main ingredient is dedication. To be able to succeed is to be committed. Commitment plays a major role in one’s journey. When you want something, do everything passionately to claim that price. Plan it, set it up and go for it. Never let obstacles swallow you up; do whatever it takes come hell or high waters. Dedication plus passion shouldn’t keep you from taking risks. Keep up the good work and stay that way. Just enjoy what you are doing and don’t put too much pressure on it. Never let anyone discourage you or stop you from your vision.


Hard work and dedication are just two of the main ingredients for the dish called success but they can complete a good meal. One without the other, it would be a bland, tasteless, boring meal.

By the way, what’s cooking?


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