I remember back then when artistic and most related skills were very difficult to acquire. It was the time of growing, mentorship might have been a very necessary thing or experience to get for one to become a well-built artist. But this was ages ago when the internet was only on its infantry.
Imagine during that time, how do you think your favorite artist made it and exceled in his field before the internet era? Definitely, this is due to learning and unlearning his skills through repetition, experience, mentorship, and lots of mistakes. It is different now. Everything is there for you. The fundamentals, the basics, and even the intermediate to expert level of skills and experience are leveraged on the internet. Now, all an artist has to do is dedicate his time to learn and to grow exponentially in a very short period of time.
Technology indeed is a game changer when it comes to growth in general. Archiving the world’s knowledge about all things art into now everyone’s palm and pockets is attracting a different level of growth for the artists who know where to look, to seek, and to prosper with growth.
You can see this as more art and platforms are being unfolded year by year. Art is not limited anymore to canvas and paper. Today, we have outlets for films, photographs, and other digital forms of art – formal or informal – everywhere on the internet. The world has become a place where being an artist is not about what you can produce, but the story that you tell along with what you produce. We have grown beyond just skills. We have created a community, an understanding, a living organism that is the art of today, free and still growing beyond our expectations and is most of the time fired with a cause.
Growth in the art world right now is indeed unprecedented. We never know what comes next and what greatness will follow. What is next? Who is next? Will you be the next big thing?
Discovery is a necessary part of growth for every artist, and right now, the world is your show. The world is your exhibition. If you continue art by heart, and leverage what is free and what is yours, in the internet, in the world’s stage, you will be able to grow and to get to where you are supposed to be. These years of growth are only going to become shorter as we advance further into the future. Continue what you have been doing. See it for yourself. Find a slot. And enjoy your growth to discovery.
Technology has broadened our scope into art. It has narrowed our limitations down to as much as to not participating. This is a time where anyone can grow to be an artist. The only thing stopping one person to become one is not participating in the field of art. Of course, still, being an art major is not for everyone. Still, art is everywhere, in everything, whatever field you find yourself in. Isn’t growing itself an art? Grow and paint your own life as a masterpiece.

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