In the course of our life, we often encounter setbacks and obstacles in the form of broken relationships, financial setbacks, losses, tragedies, sickness, and upheavals. They may either be political, social or environmental. How we move on after suffering a big setback depends on our resolve to rise up and begin anew.
Individuals are not identical in their attitude towards these setbacks. Some are prone to stagnate with no hope at all and lose the desire to live again. They end up being mentally incapacitated or suicidal. Others are driven by optimism to fight back from scraps and looking forward to achieving a turnaround for the better. It depends really on their trust in God and their willingness to act on their plight with the hope of surviving through the crisis.

Broken relationships
Many relationships are tested through trials wherein both partners have to work out a solution to their woes. Married men and women find themselves self-sacrificing when it comes to the welfare of their family. Much sacrifice is needed to keep the family together. Where there is domestic violence, though, there is an imperative need to let go of the partner causing the trouble to save the majority of the members. In the case of divorce, a family settlement has to be enforced as to the welfare of the children first rather than their own. In the case of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, the boy or girl should remember that the split may be beneficial in the end because each will have then the chance to weigh things before deciding on a permanent commitment like marriage. It could then be thought out that their failure at this relationship does not mean failure in the next one. Letting go or keeping the partner depends on how well you value the person. If he or she is for keeps then a reconciliatory effort will mean a lot to both.

Financial setback very often relates to failed business, closure or bankruptcy
In some nations due to public shame corporation owners would commit suicide. They could not tolerate facing public censure. The only thing that could have made them survive owns up their mistakes and accept the failure and use it as an experiential tool for their next move. They should be open to the next leap into uncharted territory, to chart another business strategy or engage in another business, albeit not so ambitious as the previous one, and rebuild their income potential from there.

Loss, tragedy, sickness
Anyone experiencing the loss of a job or loved ones in tragedy and sickness needs the comfort and support of family or friends. When someone loses a job, this should not hinder him from trying other alternative sources like going into small retail business, online jobs, or find employment in another company. It should not be a cause for despair but rather a drive to move forward. The most difficult to handle is that of a grieving person over the loss of loved ones under tragic circumstances. This, most of the times, brings the person to an emotional state that will take time to heal. He needs the moral support of his family and friends to help him in the process of healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. In this way will he struggle back to reality and begin life anew, singly, if he is the lone survivor, or together with the remaining members of his family.

Political, social or environmental upheavals
Society has always been responsible to preserve balance and justice in political, social or environmental catastrophes. Where there is political unrest like revolution, if it is a right cause, all citizens should band together for the ouster of a dictator-ruler in a peaceful manner. In social or environmental hazards, people must come to the rescue of the poor and the most affected. It is in those times that unsung heroes are known for their saving lives from storms, floods, fires, and earthquakes and other life threats as epidemics and famine. In such united efforts can we say that we have each other’s backs.
Getting past adversity is always the crux of survival, for better or worse. It is through adversity that the true character and indomitable spirit of a person are revealed.

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