It is but fitting to start this topic with a quotation from one of the greatest painters of all time, Pablo Picasso. According to him, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”. The point in his quote is mastery of the field. Once you master what you love doing, everything else will follow smoothly.

Painting may involve endless hours of visualizing and putting it into reality through colors and texture. You can paint using any medium and express it in various styles. Painting itself is not about the outcome. Rather, it is all about the process of getting it done until the end where you can finally see the real essence of its beauty. It is embracing your own destiny and assertively following what you have in mind.

Mastering the art of painting may take some time. You will never get a one-time big-time result with your first painting experience. However, constant practice actually makes everything perfect. Experimenting and taking risks are two characteristics of a true artist. It is through these two characteristics that an artist can eventually let go of his full emotions and desires when painting. Expression accompanied with guts and passion will eventually lead to an exquisite masterpiece.

Hands-on experience with painting is necessary and is essential for a painter’s growth and development. There are several ways on how to get hands-on experience with painting. These methods and approaches hone’s a painter’s inner talent and skills. Constant practices with knowledgeable instructors and experts will surely enable an artist to grow maturely and intelligently.

Attending workshops is one way of obtaining hands-on experience. It offers the basics in painting, use of tools, choice of subject matters and putting on the values with which every artist should carry and live by. Next would be an art camp. It is almost the same as having a painting workshop. At an art camp, one can learn wonderful instructions to several forms of art where your creativity will be nurtured. Another one is a painting retreat. Individual art courses are usually offered here. It is something like having lessons while on vacation. Another form of hands-on painting experience would be online courses. Here, you will be able to try on methods that are computer-generated and with the help of software materials. Another form where you can have hands-on experience with painting is when you enroll in painting training. It offers courses and modules for creative techniques in painting and using the latest tools.

The above-mentioned programs are just some of the ways where one can get actual painting experience for the development and enhancement of one’s talent and skills. You will experience painting to the next level when you enroll and be part of these programs.

Innate talent and acquired skills usually make up an artist. However, hands-on experience, constant exposure, and continuous practice are essentials in becoming a much better artist. As competition and innovation grow rapidly, it is imperative that an artist has to keep up to date. An artist should never cease to let learning be a part of his or her daily routine for it is through learning that he or she will be able to improve and refine the craft.

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