A happy life is what everyone wants. Happiness is what everyone is trying to achieve. Some people misinterpret the idea of happiness. They think that happiness is life without discomfort and trials. That is so wrong. We do not always feel happy. We experience pain and sadness from time to time because it is part of living. Without the negativities, we would not know the feeling of happiness. Experiencing pain makes us appreciate and value happiness more. Some also define happiness as having nice things. But if they are happy, why would they get tired of it? Why would they lose interest and start to replace that thing with something better? It becomes an endless cycle. That is not what true happiness is. If a person is happy, he would not look for pleasure in material things. He would not look for more and more. Craving for more would just show how unsatisfied and ungrateful he is with his blessings.

Happiness can’t be bought. Pure happiness can’t be measured either. You can’t ask someone to rate happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. When you are happy, you are simply happy. There is no adjective to describe that feeling. There are not enough words to create a thought to explain what happiness is. Happiness is being stress-free. A happy life is a healthy life. You have a healthy emotional, physical and mental health. When you feel happy, your body releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins. When you are happy, you are inspired to do things and you are motivated to face what is stored ahead. Happiness is just around the corner. They are not that hard to find. Some of us just act blind sometimes.
How can you be happy? One question. Infinite answers.
It is a vast universe and a great big world we live on so that means there are a lot of things that can make us happy. To be happy, you need to love yourself. You are confident and contented with who you are. In loving yourself, you start to embrace your flaws and you get to know the real you. You get to appreciate the person that you have become and that would make you proud. Our families and friends. When we are with them, we always laugh and feel joyous. We forget about our problems and just savor the moment. Our family gives us happiness in so many ways. The meal your mom cooked for you makes you happy. The rebellious things you have done with your dad makes you giggle. The constant teasing you have with your siblings can make you even happier. Friends, on the other hand, give us a different meaning of happiness.
While happiness with our family is full of comfort, love, and care; happiness with our friends is fun, thrilling like no other. Friendship is one of the personal relationships that we value the most because without friendship, we would not survive. We do not have someone to rely and depend on. Friends brighten up our mood when we feel down. They have the power to turn a sad frown into a beautiful smile. They make us feel like we are worthy of their attention and time. They make us feel special and loved.
Happiness is a choice, remember that. If you want to be happy, your brain would respond and obey your command. Happiness is a decision so it is up to you if you want to be happy or not. You get to decide, not your friends, not your partner, not anyone else. We can see happiness even in the simplest and littlest things.
The greatest pleasures in life are not touched but felt. One of it is love. Love is another definition of happiness. When you are in love, you feel a thousand emotions all at once. You love yourself because you deserve it. You love people unconditionally because you want them to be happy and to be loved too. You become grateful for the blessings that are showered upon you. You become grateful for the care, support, and attention that are given to you because not everyone receives those.

Never deprive yourself of simple happiness. Treat yourself a sundae after a long, tiring day from work. If you want that dress in the window, try it and if you think you look good in it, buy it. You deserve a reward. If you want a night out with your friends, party. Let loose and be wild. You’ll never know when life ends.

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