In a world full of judgmental people who will still critique one as horrible either way, it is a struggle to survive and create their own name in an industry that forces them to be something they are not. Some industries give artists a certain set of standards that will make their creations “perfect.”


Perfect can be described as no smudges, colorful, aesthetic, or even just a plain black dot. It could exhibit various things from mere objects to people to even events that have gone down the path of history. Society has its own definition of perfect where the expectations are set too high that no true artist can fulfill every aspect of that perfection and try to fulfill this definition of perfect is just an impossible feat that no one can accomplish because they constantly contrast and go against each other as cultures create countercultures and the like. Their standard of perfect is unrealistic and highly imaginative. Their standard of perfection does not make sense because everyone is unique. If everyone is unique, then how can they be imperfect since they are their own selves? One is the expert on oneself, therefore, only one can define the standards one puts on oneself, and that truly makes their works authentic.

Confidence is one of the hardest things to have, especially when one tries to fit into the certain sector of the society. The key to confidence is being genuine about oneself and the experiences and goals they have in life. Genuinity is the key to gain true supporters and followers that will be there for artists until the end.


The best person to be in art is oneself because they are the only people who can truly describe their own passions and put them into a drawing that will speak more than what the dictionary can hold. Stop wearing masks and pretending to be someone else. It is definitely not worth it when one ends up losing what they are known for.


Artists know their works the best and they can define if their own works as what they want them to be because it is their work and they get to decide the standards to be placed on it. It is crazy if someone defines another’s work as imperfect because he or she has no right to do so simply because artists are not obliged to please everyone. So, be true to one’s own art. Anyways, people will still whisper behind them and stab them in the back. Might as well make themselves proud of who they are because even if there are haters, there are lovers. These people love the arts and they accept the pieces of the artist that they reflect from their paintings.

Moreover, as an artist, one must never succumb to doubts. A moment of hesitation can pull you back miles. Every decision one makes can impact one’s career as an artist. So stop worrying that no one will buy your art because it is not a  well-founded argument that will immediately become true. If one does not take the risk to leap, one will only regret the things that “could have been” and “would have been.” It will become the biggest What If they will repeat over and over in their minds simply because they were too scared that the sales would not reach their expectations. The only thing that is worse than failure is regret because at least in failure, one can say that at least he tried.

Lastly, compare oneself to one’s past self. Artists should never compare themselves to others because they will only end up with a lot of insecurities and a ton of jealousy which is not healthy because they end up competing with other people and never staying true to themselves. You cannot beat someone in trying to become like them because they are the best versions of themselves. It is like a raspberry trying to be a cactus. It just does not work. If other people really disturb someone and mistreat them, they should not try to become someone else in their industry. Instead, they should become successful themselves by never dwelling so much on their mistakes but rather on how they can improve yourself better as an artist. It is only then, you can become more confident in yourself.

Remember to never rush confidence. It takes time to build, only so that it would not fall when someone tries to knock it over. Gaining confidence in oneself is necessary because it starts in believing in oneself, that one’s dreams could become a reality.

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