An artist is an individual who possesses exceptional talent and has worked hard to hone his or her abilities. Although artists may differ from one another in terms of qualities and talent, they all share the same passion and drive to create and produce masterpieces.

It is more than unique ideas and an artistic eye to become a successful artist. Discipline and practical skills are the two major elements needed in an artist. Also, an artist must be flexible and innovative in order to survive and endure the chaotic world of art.

Basic and fundamental skills are essential to an artist. Their skills may vary and may be vast, but they all have the basics when it comes to expressing their emotions and feelings. Skills may be innate to some and can be learned by some. Levels of skills and styles are diverse when it comes to art. However, the basics are the underlying factors in every artist’s life. Skills are needed for career advancement and competition because an artist needs not just natural talent and artistic ability.

Skills almost always help an artist express his or her creative abilities to the fullest. These skills help an artist create and produce compelling artworks. As an artist, your main goal is to usher in your viewers to your world. The following are some of the fundamental skills every artist should master.

Realistic drawing – the ability of an artist to draw what he or she sees, thinks or imagines in a realistic manner.

Composition – this skill leads and guides the viewer so as to make him or her feel as if he or she is in your artwork.

Constructive drawing – this skill helps an artist to create objects of art which are realistic and believable.

Perspective deals with an artist’s viewpoint which provides a way to create and build elements and objects.

Drawing from memory/imagination – this skill requires practice for one to be able to fully gather your thoughts and create a work of art.

Value – are the degrees in which colors vary within your image.

Knowledge of art materials and its use – knowing and using the simplest art supplies are fundamental skills for an artist.

Color   determining the color scheme of your art is a must since it conveys emotion and situation that you want to express to your viewer,

Ability to draw from life –a combination of various skills that requires a deeper understanding of a specific subject.

Lighting – it is one of the most crucial skills that an artist should possess. It conveys depth and extent of emotions.

Golden proportions – knowing them enables an artist to draw realistic and beautiful artworks. It adds style and balance.

Familiarizing and practicing these fundamental skills allow an artist to have a wide understanding of his or her work. All great artists started small and had to crawl their way to the top with the help of the skills that they learned along the way. Lastly, the heart of every artist should be filled with determination and passion.

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