Contemplation in the Cambridge dictionary is defined as “serious and quiet thought for a period of time”. Great minds are contemplative minds. We take, for example, a historical figure in the Bible, Solomon. He was known for his great wisdom and many came to hear his counsel and wise sayings. There was also Jesus who, in His time, retired to the mountain to pray and contemplate before He started His teaching ministry and saving the mission. He taught us the necessity of contemplation of the Word of God and to apply it in our lives. His teachings pierced through the hearts of His believers and brought about many conversions of heart and change of lifestyles. Contemplation is a silent prayer to God whose wisdom we all need to do things right and in consonance with justice and the common good.

It is ideal for each person to spend some careful thinking before making decisions or embark on an undertaking. A successful endeavor or project is the fruit of contemplation. Many heroic deeds spring from contemplation.

More practical and innovative ideas come about after some careful thought and inspiration. Overall those ideas flow freely from a discerning heart and calculating mind. Many stories of heroic feats, ingenious discoveries, and inventions tell of people driven by a life of contemplation and divine guidance.

The daily grind of life’s activities will reach its stressful point if we allow ourselves to be pushed to the limit of our energies. Rather than becoming harassed by time and demands of work, if we embrace a contemplative life, not necessarily following a monastic charisma, we will find meaning in everything we do.

We can always find time to spend a quiet moment with one’s self, to examine our past actions and make some plans or resolutions. For instance, after waking up, we spend time praying and contemplating or do some stretching exercises in a posture of contemplation. While on the road to work, we can look at the scenery before us and contemplate on God’s creativeness or go on a nature trek and contemplate on the beauty and wonder of God’s creations.  Very often we will discover that our heart is seeking answers, reaching out to the great beyond and having a longing to connect with God. Our heart and soul crave for communion with God and can only find rest in Him. It is in solitude and silence that we come to terms with ourselves. We can look at the state of our soul from which emerges conviction and change of heart.

Seeing a newborn baby or a dying person makes us contemplate on life and its purpose.  In daily tasks, we come to appreciate the value of work and its rewards. We become more focused and goal-driven when we live a contemplative life.  Contemplation makes us wise in all things, prudent in our actions, zealous in pursuing our goals and resolute in carrying out everyday activities with a sense of mission and purpose, all for the glory of Our Maker.

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