Have you gotten to the point that you are no longer happy? Are you no longer satisfied?
I think everyone does. We wake up one day and just feel an unexplainable feeling. We feel like there is a hole inside us that we do not know how to fill in. We are confused and then become frustrated because we are incomplete. Some pretend that everything is alright yet deep down they know something is not. Something is missing. Do not be fooled by the people who smile the brightest because we never know that they may be the ones crying at night. They just wear that mask on every day to show people that everything is alright. They disregard what they are feeling not knowing that the hole inside of them keeps getting bigger and bigger.
In order to fill this hole, you need to find the real you and be the best version that you can be. It may take time to get there. Never pretend to be someone that you are not. Being an anomaly in a crowd is a good thing. Surround yourself with the best people who appreciate you just the way you are. Choose the people who are for keeps and are worth sharing memories and wasting time with.
Remember, you are not paid to please everyone. You should not fit into society’s standards just because everyone does it. Discover yourself first. Meditate yourself to calm your nerves and clear your thoughts. Scribble down the things that you accomplished and also write the goals that you have not achieved yet. Determine the stuff that you think triggers the bad side of you and try to stay away from them.
Got a bad relationship with someone? Try to work things out, if it won’t, break up.
Not happy with your job? Resign and find one that you enjoy.
Easy. Do not make life complicated. When you do that, you are actually making your life better and it should feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. And then, find time to do what you love. Stop thinking about the “what if’s” and “if only’s” because they do not matter. Live the moment and be happy. Remember, you are capable of anything. The possibilities are endless and they are there for you to acknowledge.
Do not be afraid to change and to grow. Change in a positive way. When you change, you are opening brighter ideas and widening your capability to make better judgments and decisions.
Be satisfied. I know that sounds cheesy. But imagine yourself being contented and satisfied with what you are and what you have now. Maybe you will come to the realization that there is actually nothing missing in your life. Maybe all of it is just a mere illusion of your negative side. You start to love the flaws and imperfections of the world. You start to appreciate your surroundings and especially, yourself. Eventually, in just a blink of an eye, without you noticing, that hole in your chest is already filled in.

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