Inspiration comes from God as we begot our life from Him. Through the Holy Spirit, we receive the gifts of wisdom and creativity. Creative skills come to the fore when a person has the right combination of inspiration and motivation in life.
A positive outlook in life gives one the impetus to achieve something, and, even in the face of adversities, will draw out creativity and resourcefulness from a person. With all the right ingredients for success, the making of a great artist or a hero can be unleashed from within you.
Many unknown men and women became famous stalwarts in their fields of endeavor, not of their own making alone but of predestination. By God’s grace and anointment, a person becomes a strong advocate of truth and peace, a resolute defender of faith and cause, a martyr of persecution, a testimony of greatness, a proof of inspiration and motivation. Many unexpected creative and skilled individuals, impaired and non-impaired, have risen to meaningful positions of fame and power. They used their creative inspiration to serve the greater good.
You can be empowered with spiritual gifts if you know your place before God. First and foremost, you acknowledge your nothingness before the Creator. By your humility, you can be exalted to greatness. Always pray and ask for the gift of Wisdom, Divine Light, and Guidance so you will know the purpose of your life. When you are open to the will of God, He will equip you with the skills and resources to use them for the fulfillment of His will first, then “all shall be given unto you”, as the Scripture says.
With inspiration comes responsibility. Unleash the power given you by drawing out the good to be shared with other people. Develop your talents and use them to full potential, thereby benefiting not only you but the greater humanity. You can be creatively inspired to stretch the limit of your perception of your potentials by trusting yourself and freeing yourself from prejudices and feelings of inadequacy. “Power is perfected in weakness”, as St. Paul said.
There are many tips for finding creative inspiration but one thing alone is necessary — You are your own inspiration! Find out what talent to use and develop, what direction you have to take, and how do you bring your creativity to work in situations and challenges in life. You alone have the answer. God already gave you spiritual direction and moral compass in Scriptural teachings and the stories of great men and women who did not live life the easy way but went through purification and trials before coveting their crowning glory. It is not the amount of wealth that you amass in this life but the amount of love you have given by sharing what you have, be it your talent, time or treasure. It is not how much you have enjoyed the world’s goods but how you truly lived life, sacrificing your pleasure for somebody else’s good. That is creative inspiration.

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