According to Gail Devers, “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” … Dreams do not turn into reality unless we work for it. Dreaming has no limitations. Nothing and nobody can stop a person from dreaming. Every person has his own dreams and in his/her dreams, everything is perfect. In our dreams, we are the protagonist and we take control of the situation. We are the sailor in our dreams. This is what dreams are made of.

Dreams are our inspiration. Every person is a dreamer. This is the reason why we don’t quit with whatever we do. We take our dreams with us: to school, to work, to sleep. We would do anything just to make it happen. Sometimes, dreams turn into reality the morning after. Most of the times, it remains a dream unless we pursue it.

Dreams become reality when we least expect it. It is a long and winding journey to realization. Throughout this journey, we experience failures and mistakes. Do not just dream; make it happen for nothing comes in between you and your dreams. Most of all, dream big for in dreams everything is possible. Sometimes we stop in the middle of our dreams because we tend to forget it… or get tired of it.

Dreams can be achieved in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes, a dream comes true indirectly and quickly. Before we know it, our dreams are already in existence.

Never let anyone stop you from aiming the best of things. Of course, just like anything, dreams are achieved through hard work, perseverance, determination, patience, and self-motivation. Think of it as a reward for yourself after a long, tiring day from work. Do not be afraid of conquering obstacles. Take action and be optimistic. Get up every day with the will to continue and face the challenges along the way. An industrious person always gets his reward. Simply find inspiration to keep moving forward and to strive harder. Do not settle for less than what you think you deserve best. You can accomplish bigger and greater things in life. Time on earth is limited so while there is still time, grab opportunities while it is within arm’s reach because some opportunities only last a second. If others can do it, why not can’t you? Never underestimate your capability. Never compare others’ accomplishments to yours. You have different goals and desires in life. Also, do not be envious of what others have.

Dreams have no timetable. They don’t have deadlines as well. Some happen immediately while others take time. Dreams happen at the right moment so don’t be in a hurry. Well, in life, nothing is linear. Nothing is predictable. Lots of things can and will go wrong. A lot of inevitability, but a lot of discovery, too. Higher powers in the universe are just twisting our life threads into one woven mesh of unexpected things. So take it easy because dreams are lots of surprises.

Dreaming of wonderful things are simply what we could be, what we want there to be. But there is a catch: we won’t ever know how they will come to be. So be ready for anything. Dreams are like the unknown. The way they work is mysterious and unexplainable. One thing is certain: dreams are waiting for you to happen.

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