Very early in life, we usually act out our role models in a make-believe play or game. Little do we know that we are actually inspired to be like them. However, as we grow up, our choices change. It is because this time we see clearly the true picture of life.
Through struggles in life, we often make a detour on the direction we had already taken for a higher purpose or a passion that started to be discovered. This is then a call to reflect on what we want to become. There is that inner calling that we should not treat lightly as it beckons us to the right direction and mission. It is called a vocation, that spirit-filled desire to become what we want to be in our life.
There are many personal testimonies of life-changing careers, from impoverished to one of affluence because the persons were determined to change their lives for the better. They come with a vision first, then try all sorts of approaches to realize it. They met all kinds of trials and losses but they never give up. Their sense of purpose gave them the push and propelled them forward. There are those who have reached affluence but are not happy so they seek a different meaning in their life. They leave their life of luxury and comfort. They venture on a missionary journey to live a life of anonymity, poverty, and detachment from the world’s attractions. In this life, they find real meaning rather than in superficial pursuits.
Many achieve their purpose in life after going through a lot of phases from discernment to experimental and development stages. Sometimes they get to realize their purpose in their retirement age when they were no longer shackled to the job they held throughout their life. They may be at this late stage of discovery but it is not the amount of time but the fulfillment of one’s purpose that counts. Perhaps they sublimated their own personal agenda for the sake of their family and loved ones, only to find out that they missed out on the real meaning of their life and purpose other than caring for one’s own family. It may be that they believe parenting is a sublime purpose, which it truly is, but not being happy to be in that state negates the purpose of marriage per se. However, there are those that are happy in their married life and consider it their own life’s purpose, which is itself an achievement.
Do you have a sense of purpose? How would you like your future self to be? Do you imagine yourself to be switching from an office job to one in the social outreach field where you get to serve the marginalized in society? Then it is best to go into social work courses, join mission tours and the like. There are a lot of choices to make. It is up to you to ascertain what you deem to be your very own goal in life.
Be determined to pursue your sense of purpose since it will always direct you to a higher good. Any handicap is not a deterrent to achieving a lifelong purpose. Many disabled persons achieved remarkable skills in their choice of endeavor. They served their purpose because they believe that they are doing it for a greater good. You will know your sense of mission from that gut feeling of sureness, convincingness, and inspiration. What has been your pastime hobby is now your profession. Or you may have both profession and hobby on a balance work plan and priorities. We find real meaning when one has achieved fulfillment for one’s self and others.
To have a sense of purpose, always remember to pray for wisdom that God will direct your ways and allow Him to work his purpose in your life. God intends us to use His gifts to have fulfilling lives that would glorify Him, not so much as our own glorification. The guiding rule would be to discern God’s purpose in your life so you can work on your destiny. It is when you have lived your purpose in life that makes your life fully lived.

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