She cannot paint. The boxes look like circles, the circles look like lines, the lines look like dirt. It is not even a canvas anymore, it looks like a pile of used tissue. The paint is not on the canvas, it is on her face. The scenery is helpless. People just laugh, tearing up as they see her work. That was definitely not her goal. She wanted to move them to tears with sorrow, not bring them to tears with laughter. It was tiring really, to keep on trying to do something that she is not normally good at. Being called a try-hard just because she wanted to pursue her dreams. It was unfair that people mocked her for doing what she loved, even if she was not that good at it. In the end, hope was her downfall, and art was never meant for her at all.

She never picked up the paintbrush again.

In art, there are different myths that revolve around it. One of them is that one needs talent to create art. If one is not a natural at it during the first try, they are not meant to be. A lot of people believe in this myth which is the reason why a lot of people easily give up when it comes to the arts. Despite being interested in art, they can only stick to looking at it from afar – not creating their own because they are too scared to be judged and too afraid to try. That is the problem. They forget that art is a risk worth taking.

Moreover, if someone is truly interested in the arts, they would continuously try to create their own. Perseverance will be necessary to take every step towards achieving their dream in the arts. Determination is essential to stand strong despite the struggle and shaming period so that they will never sway from their goal. Patience is for the weight they will carry in the journey. The journey may be long, but it will be worth it. This is the basic survival kit that every aspiring artist needs to remember. If they carry these with them and still stand strong, they truly have the desire to learn how to paint.

Likewise, one must remember to never give up in all they do. They need to continue to persist in every stroke they make. They need to resist against judgements they whisper behind one’s back. They need to continue to exist because one knows, that falling is not the problem. The problem is when one refuses to stand up because she is too tired to be judged. To prove that art is not in talent, but rather it is by hard work and endurance through every trying task.

This is because art is not just a pastime, a hobby. It is a creative way of expressing who you are as a rational human being, who has the freedom of speech and expression. One exercises these rights as one pursues the arts. Artists know that it will not be easy because people usually degrade the impact art has on someone. It will be difficult to prove that art has played an essential role on society for a very long time now. Learning painting is like riding bicycle – hardships will persist and one will fall sometimes and scrape a knee or two. But even if that happens, one has to remember that every fall one takes, one gains more strength to stand up and every scar one obtains, one gains more knowledge.

If one believes that they can endure the race, they are willing to obtain what they desire. Simply because they see learning the arts as something more than just being a Leonardo da Vinci II. They see it as something that they want to do forever. They see arts as a path- that in every step you take, you learn something new about themselves.

She regretted her decision in the end. If only she did not let it go, then she would have been enjoying the fruits of her hard work today. But then she remembers, “It is never too late to start now.”

And she did.

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