Some people just have this undeniable inclination to art and things creative. These people dabble into a lot of things, as they try to find where they belong to. These creative creatures put color and meaning into a lot of things that others just would not take notice. They have keen senses when it comes to seeing the beauty in every little thing that they encounter. They are gifted with the magical skill of seeing beauty and other complexities that others do not, and reproducing such or producing something else of their own creation.

Career-wise, these creative souls most of the time are lost in the struggles of a nine-to-five office job, for the sake of stability, but this never fares well with how they feel about repeating a non-creative routine every single day. They end up seeking things that they can do within the area that they are in that involves doing something creative, which may lead to a promotion or a problem.

They do still dabble in art and creation every now and then, maybe as a hobby, as a way of escaping from the “regular” life.

But that is it, these people are not bound to live a regular life, they were called for great things. Every creative has a calling of his or her own, and it is to create, collaborate, and make the world into how it should be.

That calling is never a simple one to answer, considering a lot of variables in life, and especially the almost total absence of stability in starting a creative career, for it has almost no platform that is very accessible to everyone, making it an almost treacherous path to take: the road to the unknown.

Although with all that, if a creative gains courage to flee the regular life and fares through the life that a creative should have, with a little soul searching and figuring things out, such creative will eventually find his or her own place in this creative planet and dominate or at least enjoy every single bit of it.

We all have our own paths to pave. Whatever that may be, a creative will find the most creative way through, even within that nine-to-five office job. They will obviously stand out.

We are gifted with creativity, and we should use and express that in some way, or else we will stay anxious and unfulfilled with what we do. We should remember that the world is a huge canvas, and we are painting it with our lives.

We, the creatives, have a place in this world, and if we feel like we do not, we can always make a place for ourselves. We create. The very core of our existence is creation, and we should not be holding that back.

Yes, we can test the waters of the nine-to-five office job and see if we fit in, some nine-to-five do involve certain amount of creative expressionism that may just be right for some of us. As creatives, we should learn to create opportunities, for this will pave the way for a better world for the likes of us. Our calling is to be who we are.

We are creatives, and our calling is the world.


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