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My Art Walk to the Contemporary Masters

It’s the story of my walk through the art world.  The way I went through the journey from my first painting as a young child, an art show in the school cafeteria. Earning the first place ribbon, inflamed the passion for art as a career; then hitting a brick wall with the will of my father saying, “No art, only business can support you for the rest of your life.” Later after marriage and three children did my husband utter the words, “If you want to paint, go ahead and paint.” This made my journey begin with lessons in 1976.  The rest please read on and enjoy your brief lesson.


1.  At one time in my career my art did not sell.  It never did come to my mind that I was a lousy artist and that way why nothing sold.  Today my work sells and is accepted all over the world.

2.  I am thankful to have a husband that will run me all around the country for my lessons.  With Robert Warren I had to travel to Ohio from Nevada.

3.  Here is an example of the soft orange and black study.  Notice how the trees in the background are both dark and light to show shape and the trunks are darker:  With this practice it places all the shadows and land markings letting you paint with ease.

Other Book

Looking Back Through the Life of the Master Artist

This is a story of my life. I hit on the fact that my family was the generation that came to California during the migration of Oakies fleeing the trama of the dust bowl. The hardships they endured. A lot of what is told about that time was relayed to me from my grandmother. Then living with my grandparents and my mother’s remarriage to Bill Shultz. Later on my marriage to John Slikker and turning to my art with his blessings. Raising a family and having a life of my own during our 57 years of marriage.

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