Art is a vivid display of beauty, at most, a graphic description of the wonders of creations and ideas. While there are such art as to some beholders undecipherable or lack of beauty, by itself the painting is a product of the painter’s imaginative mind and can only be admired by some in-depth focus and critique.
Overall, a painting is a work of art that showcases the beauty of the image and the awesomeness of the painter. Colors attract us immediately to the painting and further scrutiny takes us to that imagery as though we see it as a natural landscape unfolding before our very eyes.
Man is born into a world of wonders. The Creator made for us a beautiful world that we cannot just contain the pleasure of it in our hearts. That is why to the gifted one, he expresses it outside of his mind and heart into a canvass. He has a vivid picture of the original beauty and duplicates it, trying to capture the smallest detail of the pattern and hue. A beautiful portrait of a woman, a bird or nature will always transcend us beyond what the physical world could conceive. We connect to their beauty through the eyes of our heart. We can always be appreciative of the vista presented to us.
The scenic view we see has that attraction for us because we like to etch this in our memory and heart. It is a treasure that we want to see displayed for our remembering and pleasure. We cannot help but wonder at the dexterity of the artist and his attentiveness to the intricacies of his model. Everything the artist thinks comes to life in his mind and when put to the canvas it likely becomes so lifelike and amazing.
How can we not appreciate art? Everything our Creator made is a great work of art. Each creation has its own uniqueness, pattern, and design. We cannot fathom the wisdom of our Great Maker on how creations blend together like a masterpiece, a great artistic work. The wonders of nature bring us to behold a concert of beauty giving glory to their Great Artist. We cannot take in all its beauty because every facet has a beauty of its own. We cannot imagine how much beauty was there at the time God created the world. Every place has its own peculiar beauty and stature. Now, because of man’s neglect and abuse, we can lament that beauty is tarnished with blemishes or actually replaced with ugliness. It is man’s wanton destruction of the world’s wonders that make us bereft of beauty as it once was.
Nevertheless, we are grateful to the artistic minds that recreate the wonders of God’s creations through their work of art. It is the artists’ testament to the Great Artist. It will always linger in the hearts of the artists and beholders that man was made for beauty and not for ugliness.
How much we can appreciate depends on how we look at the world around us. We may pass many beautiful types of scenery as we travel fast and do not have time to appreciate their beauty. We may see them with both eyes but our hearts are far from connecting with nature. We may capture sights by our cameras or film and pose for selfies but do not give the Maker due appreciation for the beauty captured because we look at ourselves only and not beyond us.
A real appreciator of art takes a moment to focus on the imagery, thinks and ponders on what is displayed before him. His reflection on the vivid depiction of the scene brings him to commune with the artist, nature, and God. He does not just give a painting a side glance or glimpse. But he lets himself bask in the splendor of the work and be absorbed in the beauty of it. It only takes a moment to appreciate while the work is before us so that we have the more reason to remember in detail how it has been conceived, painted and reproduced. Our memories linger and go. So capture everything beautiful and you will find it worth your while.

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