There is no secret. If there was one it would be, years and years of practice and dedication.  A daily struggle, or pleasure, it depends on your perspective, attitude, and approach to what you do, and definitely a lifetime of learning.

Becoming a master artist is really just about living the life of art that you wanted to pursue. It is a lifelong repetition, from one artistic day to another. It is a path of growth and realizations. Realizations on what should stay in your path to the mastery of your art or what should be left out along the way.

Becoming a master artist is not about finishing; in fact, art is never really finished, something will always come and follow, something will be what is next, and there you will find yourself as an artist trying to grow and learn again. Mastery is about continuing to learn even in the longest of time and efforts.

Becoming a master artist is really just about becoming an artist but with the goal and promise of continuing to learn as an artist to be an artist for the rest of your life. You just really become a master of yourself, as you understand how you do things with art and on how you have all these things done efficiently and with more soul.

To give you a time frame, have ever heard of the 10,000-hour rule where it is stated that to truly master a skill, you have to learn that at least for 10,000 hours. Note though that being an artist involves a set of skills and not just one, so now you have at least something to calculate on how does one become a master artist.

It never is simple, and it is both your life and your life’s work, so a lot really hangs in the balance there. But, the fulfillment that comes with living a life you love, a life full of passion, and a successful one at that is not measurable.

Becoming a master artist can take so much time in your life, but if it is what you wanted to do in the first place, and you sincerely do love what you are doing, then what better way is there to live life?

The commitment you have to art will always pay off in some way, in the long run, mastery of such is one of that, and a lot of other things come with mastery, in time, as well. It will be repetitive, but also unpredictable, just how life should be. Imagine all the contributions you will have to society as an artist by the time you become a master artist.

You see. If you really are certain of your choice with art, then becoming a Master Artist is and will be your path in life. You will achieve great lengths in your life as an artist. You will become the Master Artist that you are meant to be, just believe and continue to grow and be the artist that you are.

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