What does it mean to truly find oneself and become who one is? What does it mean to truly self-actualize? How does one pick themselves up and learn to walk again? It is difficult to always go with the flow and follow what everyone says when all one wants to do is stand on his or her own two feet and take everything step by step.

As an artist, it is more difficult to find one’s own taste when the world constantly judges what one brings out to the public. Every word they say is like a slice of the gut and scars one deeply. It is a world where one always wants to be appreciated and praised- a world where one would do anything to see a look of acceptance or a little praise. It is a world filled with competition everywhere- a world where people fight head to head on everything. And then there is art, the one that still stands out, it is still unique in its own way and creates its own pace and mark on society. Competition and the wanting to be accepted still exists within art but it is when one has the concept of oneself, that one can truly give out the best work of art. Society tells everyone that in order for someone to be famous, they must go with the flow and the usual themes that are created. So how does one stay true to oneself, while still pleasing people? They do not focus on pleasing other people because they know that in one way or another, judgmental people will still judge.

One should just make life simpler. If one has already found one’s own style, simply just stick to it. One may include some aspects that will make one’s art more appealing to the public, but remember that someone is famous for he or she is known for. They should make sure to stick to the style they know. It is okay to modernize and innovate their styles, however, they should not change their styles just to fit in. If they compromise their own method of doing art for the sake of acceptance, they will never be satisfied. This is simply because acceptance is something that they should find within themselves and it is something that they can never find in others. If they do find it, it is only temporary and it will leave them craving for more. They can only garner true followers and fans by staying true to themselves and their style.

It will definitely be difficult in the start and artists may be insecure because of the number of followers one has or the “competition” one will face. If you look at it really closely, it is not much of a problem because they are still at the beginning of their career and “competition” does not exist between artists for they are all unique. Competition is like comparing apples to oranges. Even if they are both fruits, they function differently and create different things that help people. Both of them may make the body healthy, but both make the body healthy differently.

Once they have found their style, they must be able to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They must do this in order to know what they can improve on and highlight what they are good at. This is very important because once they acknowledge what their capabilities are, it leads to a deeper acceptance of oneself and paves way for creating better art with deeper knowledge and an open mind. They are not only becoming a better person, they are creating better art that helps people better understand the message they convey and those people become better versions of themselves.

Finding oneself is already difficult enough but finding oneself as an artist is all the more torture because there are more societal pressure and competition pushing one down and forcing you to paint a certain way. The image that one paints shows a portion of oneself that one wants to discover and show to other people. It will be difficult, and sometimes one will stagger. But it is when one does not falter that one learns to value of staying true to oneself.

So go wild and start painting!

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