They say that “Great minds think alike.”
I agree, but that does not mean that they think the same. Each of us thinks differently. We are cogs of different sizes and purposes, but when we come together to put our minds, hearts, and souls into what we are ought to do, art, we make a difference that is way beyond just our ordinary individual selves and releases to the world the magic of a collaboration.
“Other” people, “other” artists are definitely others. They are not you, and definitely, they are someone else. Funny and obvious those statements may be but they are here to show you a division, individuality, personality, and definitely difference. But, beyond all these, we know that we are all connected. We live for a certain purpose, and that is for us to collaborate on the creation of our world.
Art is no different; for some, art is their world, and it could be yours too, and with others, you can make this world a better place, a utopia in a collaborative making, for again, “no man is an island,” and definitely not a world.
How artist collaboration feels is a very subjective realm to crawl into. Let me try and explain it to you in a less personal way. It can be a collision of ideas – a chaotic, imbalanced collision of thoughts and style. It can also come as a very harmonious and symbiotic relationship between artists or art forms. It is by far more complicated than just describing a single person’s work. It can be anything here and beyond. Another way of portraying it is that the collaboration, the relationship, and the art that comes after it is the fruit of what or of how the relationship has been.
Artist collaborations can come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. It can be a paired collaboration, a group collaboration, or even an online collaboration. It is a relationship and process which one can subjectively continue to look at even if the relationship has ended. It is like framing the connection and relationship of the artists for others to see, critic or admire.
Definitely, artist collaborations have more stories to tell than just the work of one. It has the complexity of all who participated and the cryptic properties of the relationships in between. If you are an artist, and if you are looking for a reboot, a reset, and a different push than what you are having as of the moment, try doing a collaborative work with another artist, a friend, a group, or with just anyone, and surely you will get to experience a different perspective than you can carry on with for the rest of your works to come.
You can be yourself, and they can be themselves. Just let each of your flows to speak to you. Follow what you feel but remember to see that this is a work of more than just you. See through how your collaborators do their own processing. Learn from it. And then, take what you can and what fits you as for they do the same to mark their success.
The beauty of collaboration comes with the exchange, the learning, and the relationships.

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