Realism is all about being real, capturing what actually is the actual object or subject to be captured by the painter or artist, without ‘extras’, capturing reality as it is, from skin tone to emotion, from the color of the sky to the color of the eye, and all the possible minute details.

Realism is the absence of exaggeration and artificiality. It is the truthful representation of what is supposed to be the represented. The subject as it truly is: the avoidance of personal preference and stylization.

The whole of realism does bounce between the idea of presentation, which is the truthful representation without a hint of personal bias, of a subject and the concept of photorealism, where the artwork is as real as it gets visually, as if it were taken as a photo.

If realism came to be a style that seems very academic, law-abiding, and structured and in form, it really is, impressionism as an art style differs, as it is an unorthodox representation of what the artist sees or is representing, or to be more precise, on what the impressions the artist gets from the subject. Impressionism involved a lot of things, and movement and transitions were the ones that matter the most. One may say that impressionism came as an evolved form of realism, for it is deeply rooted to it, and when involving a sense of actuality of the subject it still is being presented as it actually is, only this time tweaked with how the artist is being impressed or affected by the subject matter in the moment of painting. If realism was more of a representation of the subject with the absence of the painter from the painting, then impressionism comes as the painter experiencing and being part of the subject matter.

Art forms continue to change and evolve everyday, and although most artists stay loyal to specific forms, the concept that new forms can evolve and will evolve from the current forms of art is not so far-fetched, but that doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. It will surely be a very subjective matter and is surely and truly just a matter of personal preference.

Either way, realism and impressionism, they contrast and complement each other as styles, but they still can totally and may considerably be two different forms or style, even if one came from the other, but one thing is for sure, impressionism evolved from realism, and does that make it a better form? Well, it will depend on what you need as a viewer, the exactness of realism or the feelings and impressions of impressionism, or do you prefer to experience both?

Your choice. Your art. Your life. Whatever it may be that you favor, if you actually have a preference for one of either, do not let it hold you back from doing or exploring other forms of art. You will never know what the best form really is without identifying all the others. So, explore the great oceans of possibilities.

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